Gone are the days of sitting in front of a desktop computer for a basic Internet search. We all carry the world in the palms of our hands – and in our pockets. All it takes is whipping out your smartphone and turning to old reliable: Google.

Which leads us to ask, why not keep a clean, inviting space on the Internet for patients to find your practice?

This goes beyond local SEO for dentists. It’s about knowing what potential patients are searching for and how to make your practice stand out among the pack. Dental marketing services provided by Pro Impressions Marketing can help you keep a leg up against the competition regarding online listings.

What Is Search Intent, and Why Does It Matter?

Search intent is literally as it sounds: what is the intention of your Internet search? What are you looking for? There are four categories of searches:

Informational Intent – This occurs when you are searching for specific information or with a specific question. This is where local SEO for dentists can really solidify a home run for your practice.

Navigational Intent – This is when you search for a specific website. For example, you may type “Walmart” in the search bar, intending to visit the official Walmart company website.

Transactional Intent – When searching for the best type of product or deal, this would be searching with transactional intent. You intend on making a purchase.

Commercial Investigation – This is the step before you search with transactional intent. You are fully committed to making a purchase in the future, but you want to gather more information.

Now that we have highlighted the different reasons we search on the Internet, how can you ensure that your practice gets ample online traffic? It’s important to cater to each type of search intent your potential patients may have.

Make Your SEO Work For You

Local SEO for dentists aims to appease the consumer’s search intent so they can easily find your practice and choose to schedule an appointment with you. Here’s how you can make the most of each type of search intent:

Informational Intent

Often, you search with informational intent by asking a distinct question, such as “are dental implants the best tooth replacement?” If you want potential patients to choose you for their tooth replacement, make sure to answer these types of common questions on your website.

Navigational Intent

If you are searching with navigational intent, you already have your heart set on what you are searching for. Even so, you can always ensure that your website is easy to find for potential patients by showcasing a strong local SEO for dentists strategy. Also, ensure your website copy appeals to the other three types of search intent to increase your chances of a potential patient choosing you over a competitor.

Transactional Intent

If you are searching with transactional intent, you are ready to book that dental appointment ASAP. Ensure that potential patients select you by using SEO throughout your website copy that showcases specific services you offer.

A patient may be looking to straighten their smile with Invisalign. If you offer that type of orthodontic, you may want to include “Invisalign in Denver, CO” (or something to that effect) throughout your copy.

Commercial Intent

If you are searching with commercial intent – you intend on making a purchase, but you want to be sure first. Regarding dental practices, a potential patient may search for the “best cosmetic dentist in Miami” because they obviously want to go with the best cosmetic dentistry that money can buy.

Ensure that your SEO throughout your website and blog pages reflects this with the appropriate keywords. Sidenote: Make sure to stay on top of your reviews (yes, even your negative ones) so that you practice what you preach throughout your website copy.

Let Your Online Presence Speak For Itself

If you are still looking for the time to focus on your SEO so that you lead the pack in local searches, the Pro Impression Marketing Pro Membership can be a search engine lifesaver for your practice. Let us make sure your online presence looks exceptional. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online.