Seasonal marketing is an excellent way to engage with your patients by aligning your promotions and content with their current needs and interests. It can be a refreshing change from your regular marketing activities and offers a chance to boost revenue during specific times of the year.

Identifying Key Seasons, Holidays, and Marketing Channels

For dental practices, some key seasons and holidays to consider for marketing campaigns include:

  • screenshot of Seasonal Dental Marketing with a social media post for world sleep dayBack-to-School Season: Parents are getting their children ready for the school year, making it an ideal time to promote dental check-ups. What if you don’t treat children? Not to worry! Back-to-school is still a great time to celebrate because parents have more time to devote to their health and wellness with the kids back at school. This time is seen as a renewal period for everyone. 
  • Halloween: With the focus on candy and sweets, it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss oral hygiene. But you don’t have to stop there with only general dentistry. Are you a periodontist? Try using the humor of this time of year to promote periodontal therapy.
  • New Year: People are setting resolutions, so why not encourage them to prioritize their dental health?
  • National Dental Health Month (February): An entire month dedicated to dental health awareness. Capitalize on this month in all your marketing!
  • World Sleep Day (March): Put on by the World Sleep Society, this holiday aims to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw attention to sleep disorders, including sleep apnea.
  • TMJ Awareness Day (November): This day raises awareness about temporomandibular joint disorders and educates the public about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Are you getting any ideas yet?
  • Wedding Season (Early Spring to Early Fall): Wedding season is a great time to promote cosmetic services like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, and gum recontouring. Basically any cosmetic service that is swift and helps the bride and groom get ready for their big day. 

So, what marketing channels should a dental office use to capitalize on seasonal marketing? Social media, email marketing, and in-office marketing are great places to start. 

Seasonal Marketing on Social Media

Social media platforms are ideal for seasonal marketing because they allow you to engage with your audience in real time, capitalizing on the buzz and excitement surrounding holidays and special occasions. The interactive nature of social media also makes it easier to launch timely promotions, share seasonal tips, and encourage user-generated content, creating a dynamic and festive online environment.

Steal These Post Ideas:

  1. screenshot of a halloween promoting Seasonal Dental Marketing social media postBack-to-School: Share tips on maintaining oral hygiene during the school year or share how now is the best time for parents to start their transformative journeys while their kids are transforming, too!
  2. Halloween: Run a “Show Us Your Smile” photo contest where patients can share their Halloween costumes or discuss how periodontal disease can cause teeth discoloration. Add in some humor with Zoombie teeth!
  3. New Year: New Year is a great time to showcase transformative results. Showcase your before and afters and let patients know how they can achieve their smile dreams, too. 

Steal These Social Campaign Ideas:

  • National Dental Health Month: Share a series of posts all related to dental health awareness throughout the month. You could get creative with these by sharing polls and trivia questions. Or, try sharing a reel daily with your doctor, giving dental health tips. 
  • World Sleep Day: Boost your best sleep apnea treatment-related post!
  • TMJ Awareness Day: Share TMJ success stories throughout the day, tagging the patient. 

Steal This Social Media Ad Idea

Wedding Season: Wedding season is long! It runs from early spring to early fall, so it’s perfect for social media ads. Create your ads showing before and afters and highlighting specific services that patients can get before their big day. Be sure to target the right audience in your ads. Hint: Men and women, ages 28-40!

Seasonal Marketing in Email Newsletters

Seasonal marketing in email newsletters offers another timely and targeted way to connect with your patients. By aligning your email content with specific seasons, holidays, or events, you can capture your audience’s attention when they’re most receptive. Seasonal email newsletters allow you to provide value while encouraging patients to engage with your practice. It’s a win-win strategy that enhances patient relationships while boosting your practice’s bottom line.

Email Newsletter Topic Ideas

Back-to-School Season

  • “Back-to-School, Back to You: Self-Care Tips for Busy Parents”
  • “New School Year, New Smile: Cosmetic Treatments to Consider”


  • “Don’t Let Halloween Haunt Your Teeth: Top Oral Care Tips”
  • “The Scary Truth About Sugar: How to Protect Your Smile This Halloween”

New Year

  • “New Year, New Smile: Dental Resolutions for a Healthy 20XX”
  • “Turn Over a New Leaf: Why Sleep Apnea Treatment Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution”

National Dental Health Month

  • “Gum Disease: Silent but Serious”
  • “Myths and Facts: Debunking Common TMD Misconceptions”

World Sleep Day

  • “Sleep Well, Smile More: How Treating Sleep Apnea Can Change Your Life”
  • “The Connection Between Good Sleep and Oral Health”

TMJ Awareness Day

  • “Unlock Relief: TMJ Treatments You Should Know About”
  • “Understanding TMJ: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments”

Wedding Season

  • “Say ‘I Do’ to a Perfect Smile: Cosmetic Services for Your Big Day”
  • “Get Wedding-Ready with Our Quick and Effective Cosmetic Treatments”

Seasonal Marketing in In-Office Promotions

In-office promotions are a fantastic way to extend the reach of your seasonal marketing efforts right to the point of care. By creating a festive atmosphere and offering tangible, seasonally-themed incentives, you can make each visit to your practice an experience that resonates with your patients.

  1. Themed Decor: Decorate the office according to the season or holiday to create a festive atmosphere. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go crazy on this. A few small decorations here and there go a long way and are easy to place and remove. 
  2. Patient Testimonial Wall: Create a “wall of smiles” featuring before-and-after photos or testimonials from patients who have benefited from whatever you’re promoting for the season. This not only serves as social proof but also aligns with the seasonal theme.
  3. Gift Baskets or Bags: Create seasonal gift baskets or bags filled with dental care products that patients can win through a raffle.
  4. Seasonal Informational Flyers: Create informative flyers or brochures related to the season or holiday, offering tips on oral health, sleep hygiene, or TMJ care. Patients can take these home, extending the reach of your educational efforts. (You can use the same flier year after year!)

P.S. Consistency is key when it comes to effective marketing. Consider using similar themes and topics across all your marketing channels—from social media and email newsletters to in-office promotions—for maximum retention and a cohesive brand experience. This unified approach not only reinforces your message but also makes it more memorable for your patients.

Capitalize on Seasonal Marketing and Win More New Patients

Seasonal marketing is more than just a gimmick; it’s a strategic approach to engage with your patients and boost your practice’s revenue. By taking advantage of key seasons and holidays and employing creative marketing tactics, you can make each season a successful one for your dental practice. If you’re looking to elevate your seasonal marketing strategies, Pro Impressions Marketing is here to help. Schedule a strategy call with us at (970) 672-1212 or online.