Money For Your Sweet Tooth

There are several fun holidays this weekend to keep your office social! This Saturday is National Lottery Day (7.17), while Sunday is National Sour Candy Day (7.18) and National Ice Cream Day (7.18).

Post Ideas

  • Share what your team would do if they won the lottery
  • Explain effects of sour candy on teeth
  • Discuss oral care tips after eating sweets
  • Demonstrate how ice cream can cause tooth sensitivity
  • Show your team enjoying their favorite sour candy or ice cream



Kudos to BKS Dental and Kuhn Dental Associates for staying social this last week! We love seeing dentists get involved with social.

We love this post – BKS Dental stayed social by supporting their local county fair and offering free ice cream coupons to their followers! This post is great because 1. we get to see one of the dentists outside the office, 2. they tagged their location, 3. they’re supporting a local event and another local business, and 4. they found a unique way to show patients that they care about them.

We love a good birthday post – happy late birthday, Dr. Kuhn! Celebrating birthdays in the office is a fun way to enjoy life events with your team. We also get to see one of their dentists in front of the camera and the original post tags their team and work location.

Social Tip

Spellcheck your hashtags! If your hashtags aren’t spelled correctly, then it makes it harder to find your post.


ICYMI: Instagram is about to make more changes (and improvements) to videos. As Instagram works to compete with TikTok and YouTube, they’ll continue to make viewing videos a better experience. What does this mean for you? Get on the video bandwagon! Start making educational videos, sharing testimonials, recording behind the scenes, and creating any other relevant videos your office has to offer.