Did Someone Say Chocolate?

We hope you and your team had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

We’ve got plenty of social ideas to help you #StaySocial this week. Tuesday is International Kissing Day (7.6) and Wednesday is World Chocolate Day (7.7)!

Post Ideas

  • Share photos of how your team celebrated Independence Day
  • Discuss bad breath treatment
  • Give your best oral hygiene tips
  • Explain why oral health is important for kissing
  • Inform followers of what chocolate is good or bad for teeth
  • TMJ dentists can share migraine trigger foods (e.g. chocolate)
  • Grab some chocolate and take a photo of your team enjoying it


Kudos to Contemporary Dentistry and Kuhn Dental for staying social this last week! We love seeing staff get in front of the camera.

Contemporary Dentistry stayed social by introducing their new dental assistant, Natasa. Sharing information about your employees is a fantastic way to keep followers updated on who is in your office. It also adds a personal touch to your social that makes it easier for followers to feel like they know more about your business. Introducing a new employee also shows your new hire, current, and potential employees that you care about and are proud of those on your team.

Kuhn Dental had a blast celebrating National Pink Day and a team member’s birthday! The fun group shot is a great way to show their company culture while asking followers to help wish Mary a happy birthday is a great way to increase comments on their post and more comments = reaching more people.

Social Tip

Experiment with the length of your captions! Short, to-the-point captions are great but if you’ve got more to say then test out longer captions! Longer captions can give followers more information before acting on your call to action (CTA).


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