What Do You Call A Boat Filled With Dentists?

Woman laughing A tooth ferry! International Joke Day is this Thursday (7.1) and the 4th of July is coming up quickly so we’ve got some fun ideas to keep your team social leading into the holiday weekend.

Post Ideas

  • Share what your team is doing for the 4th of July
  • Ask patients and employees what about the 4th makes them smile
  • Tell a joke that makes you smile
  • Post a link to a stand-up act you enjoy
  • Record your team telling dental jokes

BKS Dental stays social


Kudos to Bender Kind & Stafford Dental and the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center for staying social this last week! We love seeing community involvement.

BKS Dental did a great job of staying social by sharing a fun photo of Dr. Stafford’s husband representing their office at a local golf event. Posing next to the sign that notes that their office is the meal sponsor for the event shows that their business cares about their community and wants to be involved in events. This post did well because:

Omaha's Choice Awards

1. they tagged their location
2. they tagged others involved in the event
3. they kept their caption fun!

Putting all these things together lead to getting a lot of likes, as well as a couple of comments – helping extend the reach of their post!

Congratulations to the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center for being voted #1 in sleep apnea treatment in Omaha! This post gives their team the chance to let followers know that they are a trusted source for sleep apnea treatment, while also showing their thankfulness for receiving the award. Sharing your accomplishments and awards lets potential and current patients know that your team works hard to give patients the best possible service.

Social Tip

Add a photo! Posts with personal photos make it easier to connect with your followers and grab their attention. You can share a carousel post (multiple photos) to help you share personal photos alongside certificates, awards, tips, etc.


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