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The Power of a Smile!

National Smile Power Day is June 15th! This is a great holiday to celebrate smiles across all your social platforms.

Post Ideas

  • With their permission, share photos of your patients enjoying their smile
  • Show a smile journey
  • Explain what smile power means to you
  • Give examples of how cosmetic dentistry can give you a confident smile
  • Have your team share things that make them smile


Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha staff

Kudos to the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center and StarImage Dentistry for staying social this last week! We love seeing how you celebrate your team on social.

The Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center stayed social by sharing their story in Omaha Magazine! The quote from the publisher establishes credibility and authority by explaining that they’re the face of sleep health in their city. The team photo shows how close their team is, the first sentence makes it clear what they’re celebrating, and the link allows followers to learn more. Their team did a great job of posting everything that a follower would need to understand their accomplishment.

StarImage Dentistry welcoming a new team memberStarImage Dentistry stayed social by welcoming their newest team member! This employee-focused post received a couple of shares and reached a few hundred followers. This post is great because it’s personal and shows how welcoming their team is.

Social Tip

Wondering how you can get personal with followers? Share behind-the-scenes content! This is an easy way to show who your team is and what being at your dental office is like.



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