Personal Content For The Win

Why share “personal” photos on social? Sharing personal photos forms a connection with your followers by allowing them to get to know more about you and your team. Not everything you post has to “sell” to your followers, content can be fun or educational and is an easy way to connect with your community.

Post Ideas

  • Take behind-the-scenes photos of your team having fun at work
  • Share a video of one of your services and explain why it benefits patients (e.g. veneer placement, TMJ tests, dental cleaning)
  • Post employee bios
  • Record a video explaining one of your treatments
  • Take a video of a patient’s testimonial
  • Congratulate a team member on an accomplishment (professional or personal)
  • Post a Halloween-themed team photo
  • Share photos of your team in action
woman having a tooth matching for veneers for a new smile
StarImage Dentistry raising awareness for both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Dental Hygiene Month


We love seeing #StaySocial ideas in action! StarImage stayed social by raising awareness for both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Dental Hygiene Month. With some wonderful personal content, they shared photos of their team in pink and some of the staff working with patients. This post does well to tag people, tag their location, and raise awareness about the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer and dental problems.

Kudos to Rice Dentistry for staying social with a patient review! Letting your reviews speak for themselves is a fantastic way to let people know more about your dental office. Their office also has a separate CTA that explains how their virtual consults work which helps take the guesswork out of scheduling a consult.

Rice Dentistry for staying social with a patient review

Social Tip

When sharing personal content it’s ideal to share photos that look great! One way to ensure this happens is to take photos in good lighting. Use whatever lights you have available such as lamps, overhead lights, or sunlight. You can bounce light off of walls and ceilings if direct light is too bright or shoot outside in the morning or late afternoon.


Looking for some fun Halloween costume ideas for your team? We put together a Pinterest board packed full of funny, spooky, and dental-themed Halloween costume ideas! You can check it out and save your favorites here.