Summer Is Here!beautiful woman enjoying summer

Father’s Day and the 1st Day Of Summer were yesterday (6.20), today is National Selfie Day (6.21), and Saturday is National Toothbrush Day (6.26)! With all these fun holidays, we have plenty of #StaySocial ideas for your team to share some awesome content.

Post Ideas

  • Share a thank you to dads on your team
  • Show how team members celebrated Father’s Day
  • Have team members share what they love about summer
  • Explain why summer makes you smile
  • Discuss why summer is a great time to get cosmetic, TMJ, or sleep apnea treatment
  • (With permission) share patient smile selfies
  • Show off employee smiles with selfies
  • Remind patients to brush 2x a day for 2 min
  • Explain why you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months (or after being sick)


Dr. Ritt Kuhn enjoying Father's day with his children


Kudos to Kuhn Dental Associates and BKS Dental for staying social with some Father’s Day posts!

Kuhn Dental’s post is great because it shows one of their dentist’s personal lives and who they are outside of work. This allows followers to connect with your dentist because this is the kind of content they’d expect to see from a friend. Strong, personal connections can be made through social media, and making an online connection may be the first step someone takes toward becoming a new patient!



BKS Dental dad's celebrating Father's day


Bender, Kind, & Stafford Dental wished their followers and their dad dentists a Happy Father’s Day with a fun photo! This post shows their office’s fun personality and makes their Father’s Day post more personal so they can better connect with their followers.

Social Tip

Don’t forget your other social channels! We see some dentists who only post on Instagram or only post on Facebook, but if you have content then you should make the most of it by posting to all your social pages so that you can reach as many potential and current patients as you can. This doesn’t mean you have to post the exact same post across all your channels – you can change up your caption, show another perspective, add hashtags to Instagram posts, or post the same content on different days!


Some more fun holidays for this week are Take Your Cat To Work Day (Monday) and Take Your Dog To Work Day (Friday). We’d love to see your team’s pets make an appearance on your social pages!