Imagine you’re planning a birthday party and you decide to solicit the help of others. You tell these people your vision and put your faith in them to bring your dreams to life. It isn’t until the day of the party that you realize your party doesn’t look anything like you envisioned. You feel like you wasted your money and don’t have the awesome party to show for it.

It’s the same reality when you pay a marketing company or an employee to take care of your marketing. If you’re not checking up on their progress along the way, they might not help you reach your goals in the end. To prevent yourself from wasting money on marketing before it’s too late; you need to take charge of your marketing. Learn how to take back control of your marketing with our tips.

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Stay on Top of Your Online Reputation

Are you aware every time a patient leaves a review for your dental office somewhere online? If not, you should be and for several reasons. For one, if a negative review pops up, you should address it immediately. First, leave a reply to the review. Make sure you’re sympathetic to their concerns and offer to make things right. If you don’t recognize the name and they’re not a patient on record, make sure you mention that in your reply so others who see the review will know it’s false.

It’s also important to reply to positive reviews to show your appreciation for your patients. As a bonus, Google favors businesses that respond to their reviews.

To help you stay on top of your online reputation, we have a tool that notifies you every time you receive a new review so you can respond promptly.


Taking charge of your marketing doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on your campaigns, but also helping out when you can. You wouldn’t expect your party planners to guess what type of cake to get. Help them out and give them your flavor preference. Contributing to your social media is one of the ways you can take charge of your marketing. It’s important to respond to comments, messages, and reviews on your social media in addition to creating some of your own posts. Every month, we release a #staysocial blog that gives you post ideas for each week of the month. Unless you want your social media to look like every other dental office, you need to contribute your own office photos and posts to your social media profiles.

To help make your life easier, you can schedule posts ahead of time to all of your separate profiles at once using our social media management tool. Set aside an hour each month to schedule posts in advance so you never miss a week.

Pay Attention to Your Marketing Campaigns

If you don’t check up with your party planners along the way or eavesdrop on their chat every once in a while, how will you know if they’re planning your party right? Your marketing campaigns should be no different. Start by making a list of all the different marketing campaigns you’re currently running including PPC, SEO, or social ads.

To check up on your SEO performance, you will need to check your online visibility. Although search rankings change all the time, if you notice significant changes such as dropping from page one to page three, something could be up. Make sure that your dental marketing company isn’t neglecting keywords that are important to you, or is using “black hat” SEO practices that caused Google to penalize your website. It’s important to keep track of these major changes so you can intercept and reverse them sooner than later. To help you monitor your online visibility, we offer a unique tool that creates advanced monitoring reports. These reports can help you keep tabs on your online visibility and get notified if any significant changes occur.

If you’re investing in PPC or social ads, you should also keep these in your focus. With our advertising analytics tools, you can track and understand the performance of each ad. Use this information to hold your ad account managers accountable.

If you’re not seeing results from your marketing campaigns, take charge and start paying attention to their progress.

Client website example on a laptopKeep Up-To-Date with the Latest Developments in Marketing

Knowing when Google makes an update to their algorithm or learning about the latest marketing strategies in the dental industry happen will help you hold your marketing team even more accountable. If you know about Google’s update before they do, that’s a concern. Although you don’t need to be an expert in marketing, staying in the know will provide you with talking points and leverage for holding your marketing company accountable. Fortunately for you, if you sign up, you will gain access to monthly tips and news to keep you updated with the latest in dental marketing.

Ask for Help When You Need It

As we said before, you don’t need to be an expert in marketing or be the best party planner. If you need to make a website update and you don’t know what you’re doing, ask a professional for help. At Pro Impressions Marketing, we offer support ticket updates so you can focus on dentistry while we take care of your needs. If you decide to go the DIY route and mess things up, you’re only putting your marketing results in jeopardy. Leave the difficult work to the specialists.

Take Charge of Your Marketing with Dental Reputation Management

If you don’t know where your marketing budget is being spent or what you’ve accomplished, you need to take charge of your marketing before it’s too late. Fortunately, we have an easy solution that gives you the tools you need to take back control and monitor progress along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t show up to your party disappointed. Schedule a consultation with Pro Impressions Marketing to sign up today!