After dentists buy a piece of equipment like an iCat or a new laser, they often ask us to get the word out about this new technology in their office. Their rep at the company that sold them the tech recommends featuring the new technology as a point of differentiation between their office and their competitors. The problem is that tech-focused marketing just doesn’t make the phone ring. So, not only is the dentist left frustrated that their new tech isn’t a revenue generator like they thought, but new patient numbers overall can suffer. Technology should not be the centerpiece of your marketing because tech doesn’t sell dentistry.

Marketing Should Focus On Patients

Winners in dental marketing are the ones with the loudest voice who communicate most simply that they can solve patient problems. When marketing deviates from this pattern, the results suffer.

Dentists sometimes believe that their new CEREC, laser, digital impression equipment, etc can set their office apart. They want to shout from the rooftop, “Hey, we got the good stuff over here!”

Patients don’t understand why they should care about how you solve their problems. They just want to know if you can solve their problems. They are motivated by their emotions. They are in pain and are scared that this dental problem will impact the rest of their life in a negative way because of their financial concerns.

Many offices go straight to the financial concern part of the patient’s mindset by trying to shout from the rooftop, “We can solve your problem for less money!” And many patients come running. That doesn’t mean that your marketing should carry the ‘dentistry for less’ message, but you do have to recognize that the message connects with patients.

When you want to have a practice that is different and attract patients that value quality care, your marketing still needs to focus on the patient rather than your office. Your content should not be written about you, and that includes your technology. Your marketing can mention your technology, but only as it pertains to solving your patient’s problem.

If you are a neuromuscular dentist and you buy a new K7x Evaluation System to help you with occlusal analysis, you’ll be tempted to shout from the rooftop, “Hey, we’ve got a K7!! It’s the latest and greatest in occlusal analysis! I can fix your bite!” Instead, your marketing needs to shout, “You shouldn’t have to live with constant pain! We can help you get relief!”

Put Tech in its Place

After you have the patient’s attention, the full messaging can be, “We know that constant jaw pain and headaches are keeping you from living your life. On top of the pain, clenching and grinding will ruin your teeth! We’ve helped thousands of patients treat their TMJ and their lives were changed forever. Our advanced training, K7, and other technology can help you live pain-free too!”

People just don’t care about the expensive tech that you have. In fact, marketing with expensive-looking technology can scare people away. The tech can look intimidating or make your services look expensive. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want what you have to offer or are unwilling to pay what you want for your quality approach to patient care. They want quality dentistry! They are also interested in what makes you different, but that’s for a second or third encounter with your brand. Don’t make the mistake of making technology your headline.

Instead of worrying about how to market dental technology, first consider how to raise your dental practice’s brand awareness. Call (970) 672-1212 or schedule an appointment if your marketing needs to be reworked to put the patient first. We believe in connecting patients with the best dentists using the best dental marketing techniques.