Dentists are experts at one thing—being dentists. Although some dentists are also experts at marketing, the large majority would rather focus on what they know best and outsource marketing to a trusted dental marketing company. Whether they’ve outsourced their marketing or not, there are two huge mistakes dentists often make with their marketing. Fortunately, we offer solutions to these mistakes and provide ways to prevent making them again.

Jonathan Fashbaugh, President of Pro Impressions Marketing, was recently featured on “Marketing For Your Future” where he discusses the biggest mistakes dentists make with their marketing and how Pro Impressions Marketing can help.

Dental Marketing Mistake #1: Low Visibility

One of the biggest mistakes we see dentists make before they work with us at Pro Impressions Marketing is low visibility. If people in your community don’t know that your dental practice exists, what is the point of marketing? Your dental marketing strategy should help increase your visibility with brand awareness including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and a great-looking website.

When you work with Pro Impressions Marketing, one of the first things we will do is audit your current marketing efforts. We need to find out why people don’t know about you. Your website might have duplicate content that’s blacklisting it from Google or an incredibly slow and non-user-friendly design that turns prospective patients away.

Low visibility won’t help you get any new patients.

Dental Marketing Mistake #2: Marketing Like Other Businesses

The second biggest dental marketing mistake we see dentists making is marketing their dental practice like any ordinary business. They think that prospective patients want to see their dentist’s flashy new car or the latest dental technology. Wrong.

As a dentist, your marketing should help you gain the trust of your prospective patient. Patients want to know their dental health is in good hands. To gain the trust of prospective patients, you need to make your patients the hero of the story—not you. Your marketing should help prospective patients understand their problems, find solutions, and idealize the outcome of treatment. With this technique, you will gain the trust of prospective patients.

Solution: Hire Pro Impressions Marketing

At Pro Impressions Marketing, you don’t have to worry about low visibility or using the wrong kind of marketing. We work exclusively with dentists and have for over a decade. In our decade of experience, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. We understand dentistry jargon as much as we understand marketing jargon. As a result, we’re able to provide dental marketing solutions that provide amazing results.

One of our top priorities is client retention. To help our clients stay in the know about their marketing efforts, we offer a few solutions. One, we provide them with full access to Online Practice Center which is an online marketing portal that gives clients a look at their website analytics, PPC results, social media analytics, and much more.

Next, we send a monthly report to our clients that gives them an overview of their progress and then we schedule a meeting to go over it with them. We understand how busy dentists get and don’t expect them to log in to Online Practice Center whenever they have the chance. Monthly meetings help us touch base and ensure that goals and efforts are aligned.

At the end of the day, we help dentists build trust with prospective patients through dental marketing strategies.

The Outcome Of Good Dental Marketing: A Flourishing Dental Practice

After investing in dental marketing with proven results, dentists can expect to see their dental practice thrive with new patients. People in your city will know your dental practice by name.  Your marketing will also earn the trust of prospective patients.

If you’re ready to learn how Pro Impressions Marketing can help your dental practice thrive, please contact us at (970) 672-1212 to book a consultation.