Last year, at our dental marketing agency, Pro Impressions headquarters, I discovered that you can replace the casters on your office chair with rollerblade wheels like these:

dental office roller blade chair wheels

I’m not here to sell you wheels. The above image is linked to Amazon, but it’s not an affiliate link and I don’t know the company that makes those. In fact, that’s not even the brand that we bought. I just want you to see what they look like.

When you slap these bad boys on your office chairs, they instantly class-up the chair they are attached to and make it fun to sit and move around the room when needed. How do they do that? A few things:

  • They are smooth as butter to roll on- remember the first time you felt roller blades beneath your feet? Now imagine them on a smooth office floor!
  • They are silent rollers. Old caster wheels clatter and grind. They seem to get dirt and grit ground into the plastic and you hear that sand-paper-like plastic crunching under the wheels as you move.
  • They look super cool and modern.

So, if your team comes in to find that their chairs are upgraded and it puts a smile on their face when they sit down to work, how will that impact the way they interact with you and each other? Will your patients notice the difference? Will your patients maybe even notice your cool new wheels? I think all of those things are possible and that roughly $30 per chair could be a nice little investment. I think you could even think of it as an internal marketing investment of a sort. Don’t forget to order a set for yourself!