In the last couple of years, as dental marketing experts, Pro Impressions has met a lot of great doctors and organizations. These became Pro Impressions clients, and we are very proud to share them with you. We believe that they can help some of you improve your offices. Some of you are also already clients/members of these companies. What can I say? We have a type. / Pristine Medical Billing

Dental sleep has always struggled with the diagnostic phase of the patient journey. Networking with physicians in hopes of creating a referral relationship makes all the sense in the world when it works, but it often complicates things. Dentists who use still network with physicians, but they no longer rely on referring patients to medical providers who may not send the patient back. Instead, they refer them to Their system allows patients to get a sleep test in the comfort of their home, a comprehensive report for the dentist to review, a medical diagnosis via telehealth visit with a licensed MD, and a letter of medical necessity. 

They handle all medical insurance and billing for the sleep test and then use an online system, SleepTestCRM, to communicate the process and outcomes with the dentist. It’s as streamlined as the process seems like it can get, but Ryan Javanbakht and his team are always looking for ways to improve. They just can’t help themselves. can help you build a better pipeline of sleep cases. If you pair with Pristine Medical Billing, they can help you bolster case acceptance through maximized medical insurance benefit legwork. It’s very hands-off compared to what you might currently do (or think it could be if you tried to work with medical insurances).

Check out here and Pristine Medical Billing here.

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ASAP Pathway

ASAP Pathway knows that dentists see the best results when they take a multidisciplinary approach to airway management and has tools and training to remove the roadblocks that dentists sometimes encounter when helping parents and caregivers connect the dots to treat patients.

When dentists join ASAP Pathway, they gain access to a training library and live events. In addition to equipping existing pediatric airway dentists, ASAP Pathway boosts awareness of pediatric airway management among dentists, parents, and caregivers. 

Check out ASAP Pathway here.

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Improve Your Practice With These Organizations

If you’ve been looking for ways to level up your practice, check out, Pristine Medical Billing, and ASAP Pathway. These organizations exist to help doctors, like you, increase patient flow and find easier and more efficient ways to treat their patients. 

If you have questions about these organizations, you can find more information on their websites.