Goodbye, Summer!

Fall is almost here! Autumn officially begins Wednesday (9.22) and National Cooking Day is this Saturday (9.25).

Post Ideas

  • Show your team enjoying the fall weather
  • Share what you love most about fall
  • Take a poll on followers favorite fall things
  • Post your favorite recipe
  • Have a potluck with your team
beautiful fall trees
the dental team of elan by Dr. Meghan Hodges

Kudos to élan by Dr. Meghan Hodges for staying social this last week! élan by Dr. Meghan Hodges stayed social with some snapshots from a women-empowering event put on by their dentist! Hosting this event is a great way to interact with their community and support other women. This post works well because they tag their location, use hashtags to give more information, and share a lot of photos that make people more likely to stop scrolling.

Kudos to Excellence in Dentistry for staying social last week by sharing a beautiful thank you basket they received. This post shows their thankfulness for having a great specialist that they can partner with to give patients better care. Sharing this with patients lets them know that EID will help them find the right specialist for their dental needs if they can’t provide them.

arrangement of cookies for Excellence in Dentistry in Anchorage

Social Tip

Want to host a social giveaway but don’t know where to start? This guide walks you through every step! Giveaways are a great way to increase engagement and followers.


Don’t forget that September is National Gum Care Month! Post ideas: share signs of gum disease, show the best floss technique, explain what to do if your gums are bleeding, and discuss how to avoid gum disease.