Junk Food Olympics

Nothing says summer like junk food and swimming! This Wednesday is National Junk Food Day (7.21) and the Summer Olympics start this Friday (7.23).

Junk Food Olympics

Post Ideas

  • Discuss junk foods to beware of that could trigger TMJ
  • Share your teams’ favorite junk foods
  • Give oral care tips for after eating junk food
  • Have employees share what Olympic events they’re looking forward to
  • Explain the importance of mouthguards when playing sports
  • Create a dental Olympics for staff to play
ADSTC stayed social with a fun selfie


Kudos to the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center for staying social this last week. We hope to see more offices posting this week!

ADSTC stayed social with a fun selfie – we love a team that works together and plays together! This post is awesome because it shows their team getting involved in a community event and exhibits the close relationships that are formed in their office.

Social Tip

Show your team outside the office! We know your staff has a life outside of work, so why not share it on social? Sharing who your team is outside of work allows you to give followers insight into who your team is, which builds a stronger relationship between your office and your patients.


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