Save Your Breath

This Friday, August 6th, is Fresh Breath Day! This is a good opportunity to share your knowledge with your followers and help them have better breath (sounds like a win-win).

Fresh Breath Day - August 6, 2021

Post Ideas

  • Share oral health advice
  • Remind patients to schedule their next cleaning
  • Give your opinion on using gum for fresh breath
  • Discuss fresh breath tips
  • Explain what can be done about dry mouth
  • Inform patients of when they should see a dentist about halitosis
  • Demonstrate the importance of fresh breath
short video of a patient’s full arch implant restoration


Kudos to StarImage Dentistry and Contemporary Dentistry for staying social this last week!

StarImage Dentistry shared a short video of a patient’s full arch implant restoration! This video is awesome because it gives a little bit of insight into what this procedure is like and (more importantly) shows how happy their patient is with his smile. This type of content demonstrates the abilities of your team and educates followers.

Contemporary Dentistry stayed social by congratulating one of their employees on her recent engagement. Sharing your team’s big life events illustrates how great your staff is, which is something worth showing followers since it can give them a better understanding of why they should choose your office for dental treatments.

stay ocial by congratulating one of their employees on her recent engagement

Social Tip

Spellcheck is great but sometimes it doesn’t catch everything! We recommend downloading the FREE Grammarly Chrome extension to catch your writing mistakes.


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