In late January, Pro Impressions Marketing is exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention. We’re really excited about the event, and we’re bringing several team members. Even so, we truly don’t care if we sign up a new client as a direct result of the trip. That’s not to say that we don’t want to meet dentists down there. We hope that we do.

We regularly talk to dentists who struggle with growing their practices. They don’t really know what their current marketing company is doing to help them, and they don’t know what return on investment they’re getting either. It’s our mission to see as many dentists change that as we can, and it’s our hope that at our booth at the RMDC, we can have those types of conversations. But, of all the events we are attending in 2020, we don’t really look at the RMDC as a lead gen opportunity because we operate a little differently than the other marketing companies that may be exhibiting at the RMDC.

Jonathan at the iTero booth at the ADA convention in Denver in 2010

Our Mission at RMDC and Beyond

We see the Rocky Mountain Dental Conventionas a unique educational opportunity for our team. We are passionate about dentistry. We only work with dental practices and dental organizations. It’s our mission to be a positive presence in the dental community through lasting relationships and expert marketing.

Part of our success in this mission means being involved in the dental community. We have to know what’s new. We want to know what kind of services that our offices are being pitched on. For example, in 2016 at the ADA convention, we heard the pitch from a company called Mango Voice and liked what we heard, so we actually signed up. It wasn’t for us long term, but now when a dental office asks us about what they are like to work with and how it compares to other services, we know the answer.

We love to learn, and we want dental experience to permeate our company. That’s why we’re bringing people from a number of different departments to the meeting. For some, it will be their first exposure to the immense scope of the dental industry. They’ll see all the sights, sounds, and ideas presented in the exhibit hall and in the talks that are presented. Not all of the influences will directly impact what we do, but a dental event like this is energizing.

Some Exclusions Apply, Limit 1 Per Market

We don’t really do contracts like our competitors do, and it’s because we believe in treating our clients the way that we want to be treated if we were in their place. This includes only working with one dentist in every market. We already have a dentist in the heart of Denver, so it’s unlikely that we’ll run into a Denver dentist who wouldn’t compete with our longtime client, Dr. Kevin Berry.

In the cases where we meet a dentist who competes with one of our existing Premiere Members, we truly do want to help the dentist to the extent that we can. We generally give them some basic pointers and observations of what they are doing well and what needs help. Then we usually refer them to a competing company that we believe, to the best of our knowledge, will treat the dentist well.

So, Why Exhibit?

While we are not a sales machine, we do want to grow, and we welcome new members all the time. In this case, because we want to learn and gain access to the event, it was simply more cost effective to rent a booth in the exhibit hall than to get every member of our team guest passes. Even so, if you know someone who is practicing outside of Denver proper and needs help growing their practice, please send them by booth 806 at the RDMC. We’d love to meet them. If they want, they can contact us ahead of time via email or by calling (970) 672-1212.