young woman at the dentist having the shade of her teeth inspected for veneers or teeth whitening

A Health Hazard

Did you know that there’s a whole day dedicated to how bad smoking is for your health? Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day is tomorrow (1.11) and is a great opportunity to highlight how smoking affects your oral health. Check out this ad from 2014 that highlights what smoking can do to your smile for some inspiration!

Post Ideas

  • Explain how smoking can affect oral health
  • Discuss how smoking can affect dental implant success
  • Post a before and after of teeth whitening for a former smoker
  • Show symptoms of oral cancer
  • Explain how cosmetic dentistry can be the final step to quitting smoking
  • Share how cosmetic dentistry can give patients their dream smile
  • Record a video testimonial of a patient sharing how your office helped them


Kudos to Contemporary Dentistry and Kuhn Dental for staying social this last week!

Dr Arlene Messer as a young woman with her mom

A great throwback photo and a fun caption? We love it! Kudos to Contemporary Dentistry for staying social this last week with a photo of one of their dentists during their time in dental school. Sharing fun content like this shows your office’s personality while also giving followers insight into who your dentist is.

Kuhn dental staying social on Instagram to celebrate a co-workers birthday

Kuhn Dental stayed social by wishing one of their team members a happy birthday with a recent group photo. Followers love seeing your faces and your team deserves to be appreciated so birthday posts with photos of your team are a great way to #StaySocial!

Social Tip

Have a treatment that isn’t getting enough attention? Share a few posts throughout the week about the topic. Post options include a review that mentions the service, a video of a team member showing how treatment works, before and afters, and any other information that’s important to share.



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