When the launch of a campaign happens, it can be easy for a dentist to feel a little bit in the dark about what happens on an ongoing basis. You launch a website and the patients just start rolling in, right? Not quite. There’s a lot of on-going work required to achieve visibility and generate new patient leads. You’ve got to work hard to stay in front of potential new patients.

Here are some tell-tale signs that this hard work isn’t happening.

team members looking at data together

You’ve Lost Touch With Your Marketing Team

If you’ve ever wondered, “What are my web guys even doing for me?”, then you’ve lost touch with your marketing team. You should understand where your new patient leads are coming from. In the day-to-day, when the phone rings or an email comes in, you don’t typically think about where that new patient lead came from. By staying in touch with your marketing team, you can better understand how many of those are happening due, at least in part, to your online marketing. If those calls or emails ever seem to get fewer and farther between, and you’re staying in touch with your marketing team, you’ll have the baseline knowledge of what’s been going on and can better understand if the decrease is due to outside influences or if the marketing team has dropped the ball.

Our account managers’ job is to maintain a connection with our members so that they understand what we are doing, what the outcomes of our efforts are, and what the next steps will be to keep things going. That continued connection is the secret to our success.

Other companies try to do this with automation and we use some automated tools to assist us, but the human element of a voice on the other end of the phone or a face on a screen share has a tremendous impact in maintaining relationships. It’s why we have clients who have been with us since we launched in 2010, and it’s why the leading cause of loss of clients at Pro Impressions is the dentist’s sale of his practice at retirement or even at the dentist’s death. Beyond that, losing a client is a pretty rare occurrence, and when we do lose a client to a competitor, it’s common for that client to return to us.

When a client needs something updated or has a concern our account managers make sure to respond in a timely manager, gather all the details they need, and then create tasks that they pass to the team via the project manager.

Hopefully, you have a great dental digital marketing plan and are a member with Pro Impressions to achieve great online visibility in your market. If so, your account manager reaches out to you proactively on a regular basis.

Your Dental Marketing Campaign Hasn’t Budged in Months… or Years

If you’ve ever had to wait for months just to get a simple website update done, chances are that your marketing team doesn’t have a great project manager.

Your marketing campaign needs a project manager who makes sure that work done in the company is accounted for and completed in a timely manner. Members of your marketing team must collaborate effectively without making mistakes caused by a lack of communication or organization. The Pro Impressions project manager analyzes tasks that are created by the account management team, asks for any missing information, and then queues them up to be completed by the appropriate specialists. She builds subtasks that help the project flow well and creates processes and protocols for recurring work such as the launch of a new client or smile gallery updates.

When tasks are ready, she assigns them to a specialist with a deadline. When the task has been completed by one specialist, she assigns the task either to another specialist if more work is needed, or back to the account manager if the work is done or if client approval is required.

In short: she makes sure that your stuff gets done. If you don’t feel like that is happening on a regular basis for you, sign up for a marketing package with us and see what it’s like to have a proactive and truly productive marketing company behind your dental practice.

Your Website is Outdated

Google and humans both appreciate a website that doesn’t look stale and outdated. Keep your website fresh with blog posts and text for new pages. You should regularly update your dental website design with new content about you, your qualifications, new technology, or new services. You should also create complementary materials that assist in marketing your practice offline such as brochures that turn your patients into your sales team. The Pro Impressions design team is always very busy with these tasks and usually enjoys the variety. It’s also important to redesign your website every two to three years to stay current with design trends and new technology standards.

Languishing Social Profiles Are Not Actively Managed

If you haven’t visited your dental office’s Facebook and Instagram profiles or checked out what Google shows for your business when you Google your practice name, go check them out right now. There’s a good chance that your social media activity may be spastic at best or completely dead. Your office should be posting multiple times every week. No, people won’t engage with you on a weekly basis, but they’ll know you exist, and prospective patients will see something new and exciting is going on at your office when they click on your profiles. To achieve this, use a dental social media content calendar, create and schedule posts, boost posts on Facebook, and manage the comments and messages that come in. If that sounds like too much work, sign up with Pro Impressions for premium dental social media management. Our social media team works with the account management team to assist dentists with their requests for posts or feedback on posts. They create a content calendar for the office that keeps their profiles active and looking great!

Your Website Is Painfully SLOW or Broken-Looking

Technology is always changing, and sadly hackers are always finding new ways to exploit servers for their gain or entertainment. Your website is probably behind the times if it’s more than a couple of years old and if the software that runs your website hasn’t been kept up to date, you may unknowingly have been hacked. This can have serious and lasting repercussions for how Google sees your website. Would you trust a dental website that was selling viagra or linking to porn?

You need a proactive website update approach. Our programming department regularly updates the software on our server and websites to keep them running well and prevent or thwart attacks from hackers or malicious programs called bots. They also work to minimize spam caused by these bots as they automatically complete contact forms. Our website development team’s most valuable contribution is in keeping our websites running fast and responsively so that users and Google find them to be the easiest to use and therefore are more likely to prefer them. This increases the number of patients that our dentists get from their websites.

If your website is more of a liability than an asset, call us at (970) 672-1212 right now. We’ll find the problem and make a plan to fix it.

You Have No Idea What Your Search Marketing Strategy Is

The challenges of Google never end because it’s an ever-changing algorithm. Google uses machine learning to allow its bot to literally teach itself how to best form their results pages when someone does a search. This includes paid and unpaid listings. With Google putting so much effort into this, if you’re not making search marketing a priority for your practice, it’s no wonder that people can’t find your website. Your strategy should include either dental SEO, dental pay-per-click ads, or both.

Your search marketing team has the challenge of keeping up with a game that literally changes the rules daily and the tools to manage them continue to evolve as well. At Pro Impressions, our team succeeds by regularly tracking the performance of our websites and works on improving our ability to adapt to changes that come our way. Our search marketing specialists compile website traffic, phone call, and email data, and other metrics for our clients’ monthly reports so that the account managers can stay in connection with our dentists on the performance of their campaigns.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Pro Impressions Marketing, call (970) 672-1212 with any questions or schedule a consultation online here.