When I put together a marketing report for a prospective member dentist, it covers several criteria. It has to. I want the dentist to get good value for their time investment in speaking with me. A marketing report also has to analyze the various factors that can cause problems in a dental marketing plant- oops. I mean dental marketing plan…or do I?

A Dental Marketing Plan Has to Start Somewhere

flower growing through crack in road

When you want a specific plant to grow, you make sure that you plant the proper seed. Sure, if life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade, but if you don’t like lemonade, make sure you don’t plant lemon seeds! Your dental marketing will be much more likely to get the results you want if you make sure that you are starting in the right place.

It’s my passion to help dentists explain who they want to help and the journey involved in helping the patient achieve success. If the dentist understands this and we get on the same page, it’s much easier to ensure that this same intent and message comes through in the marketing. If there’s a disconnect between the desired outcome and the methods used to achieve the marketing results, the dentist will be unhappy with their dental marketing plan’s performance – even if it’s blossoming and bearing fruit. It started with the wrong seed! Of course, even the right seeds will falter at some point if you plant them in the wrong spot.

Successful Dental Marketing Campaigns Need Fertile Soil

Your dental practice is the endpoint for the dental marketing campaign that we will run for you if you join us as a Pro Member. We will drive prospective patients to your office, BUT if your office isn’t adept at turning new patient calls into new patient appointments, it won’t be long before we’re talking with you about your intake. We listen to our clients’ phone calls and look at their emails. It’s why we have our clients sign a business associate agreement.

When you sign up with Pro Impressions, it’s like adding a marketing department to your office. As an extension of your team, we hold each other accountable for making the marketing plan result in a return on investment. If the team at the physical office isn’t doing a good job of answering calls and following up with leads, that return on investment will suffer. Like seeds need fertile soil to grow, new patient leads need a great team to nurture them into scheduling and then say “yes!” to treatment.

Get More Dental Patients By Feeding Your Dental Marketing Campaign

Your website and marketing profiles need visibility, activity, and budget to thrive just like plants need water, sunlight, and fertilizer. The food drives patients to your dental practice. The patients LOVE you and what you do, and they promote you for added growth. The added growth helps your marketing win, but the marketing still needs promotion behind it. It’s a cycle that I refer to in my upcoming dental marketing book.

Building a successful dental brand means more than a logo and a website. You need a dental marketing plan that includes the ongoing work and funding that allows your office to compete with the other dental offices and dental brands (DSO offices) that want your dental patients. If you launch a new website but don’t promote it, the marketing will die on the vine.

Dental Marketing Takes a Time Investment

Patience is required to generate dental patients from online marketing, even with pay-per-click advertising. Especially if your marketing plan incorporates social media marketing, what you’re building is brand recognition. You need repeat exposure. Prospective dental patients see your website, paid ads, online listings, and social profiles repeatedly over time. Without that period of time, you will lose out on new patients as your competitors stick it out.

Sometimes the worst thing that a dentist can do for their marketing campaign is to give up and uproot the entire campaign. All they need is to invest more time.

When to Uproot Your Dental Marketing

You can’t do all this marketing work yourself. You pay someone to manage it for you, and sometimes, after giving the campaign time to mature, you have to make the tough call to uproot your dental marketing efforts and start over. This stinks. It’s one of the reasons why Pro Impressions Marketing exists. I learned how often some dentists had hopped from company to company over the years because no one was delivering on their promises.

Uproot your dental marketing if:

  • You’ve looked at the full journey patients take from your marketing to front desk to treatment chair and can find nothing wrong with intake or treatment presentation processes.
  • You can identify zero or very few prospective dental patients contacting your office about treatment after finding you on the internet or other advertising.
  • You consistently get the wrong kind of leads because your website doesn’t represent your dental practice accurately.
  • You have not heard from your dental marketing company this month.
  • Your dental marketing company doesn’t answer the phone when you call and is slow to return your emails.

You should be able to rely on your marketing company to deliver dental patients. At Pro Impressions, that’s our mission. We also believe in prioritizing client retention through effective communication and providing the best marketing in the dental industry. When we do that, the dentist doesn’t have to worry about starting over.

Sometimes things go wrong. You have to cut your losses, figure out where things went wrong, and start over. Get your dental marketing report today. It’s free and will analyze:

  • your website
  • your SEO
  • your online reputation
  • your online business listings
  • your social media presence
  • your online advertising

When your report is ready, we will send it to you with an optional offer to connect to discuss the findings. Use the report to improve your current marketing, or give us a call, and we can help you find any telltale signs that it’s time to make a change or if it’s important to give the campaign more time, food, water, and sunlight. We DO NOT want to try to fix something that isn’t broken!

Either way, we’re just happy to help. If you need us, call at 970-672-1212 or schedule an appointment online here.