We are committed to creating the best dental websites in the industry. We are also committed to providing dentists with the best marketing and advice that the dental marketing industry has to offer. In doing that, there are several different tools we use to track data—one such tool is call tracking. Making data-driven decisions is the backbone of our marketing and why we can make your office successful.

When we take on marketing for your practice, we set you up with call tracking. We track all the calls that come to your office so we know how many new patient calls, existing patient calls, voicemails, and hang-ups your office received. We also track where those calls came from. Google Ads? Organic traffic? Social media advertising? Print advertising? 

mobile phone having numbers and data coming out of the top of it.

PANIC! The Number on My Website is WRONG!

Your stomach drops as you look at your dental website and see that the number at the top of your screen is WRONG. We get it. We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your practice and to see something so integral to your business incorrect…that can be nerve-wracking, to say the least.

But fear not! The number you see on your website changes depending on how you access the website by design. Now that we know it’s supposed to be that way, why? Won’t my patients know? The simple answer is because of call tracking and no. 

If you access your website by searching for it on Google, click on a link to your dental website from another site, or click on a Google or Facebook ad, you’ll see different numbers for each. All these different numbers route to your real phone number with no delays for the patient or extra work on your end. This number swapping is important for your dental marketing because it allows us to track data that we use in making marketing decisions. This is part of how we provide you with marketing that works and doesn’t waste your time or money.

Call Tracking’s Role in Marketing Decisions

One of the questions we are frequently asked is, ‘Is my Google/Facebook advertising working?’. We want to give you a straight and accurate answer to this question and that’s why we track your calls. Unlike other dental marketing and management groups, we listen to your calls to find out if the patient was new or existing and if they were a quality call—a call that is a real opportunity to turn into a patient. Without being able to do this, we would be handing you inflated numbers as other dental marketing companies do. That would make us look really good, but wouldn’t help you at all. We also use call tracking information to tweak your campaigns to target only those who are willing and able to come to your office (as best we can). Because of call tracking, we can know which campaigns are converting well and which need work, all to get you as many patients as you want.

Call tracking is important even if you don’t have Google Ads. Is your website optimized for conversions? Well, we can tell you because of call tracking. We are often making necessary changes behind the scenes to give you the best dental website design and marketing.

What Can I Do With My Call Tracking?

Call tracking not only helps us make better marketing decisions but also helps you train your staff and ensure quality conversations are happening at your front desk. Many Pro Impressions Member Offices will use call tracking to train their new front office staff by listening to calls to help new hires know how to handle things like insurance questions, procedure specifics, and how to defuse situations with unhappy patients.

Call tracking can be useful in rewriting your call script too. With an ever-changing environment, you may need to change up how you talk about insurance, COVID, or how soon you’ll be able to get a new patient in for an appointment. 

Won’t My Patients Notice the Phone Number Swapping?

Don’t worry, we have been doing this for a long time and there have been very few to zero instances of a patient getting confused about the number they see on your website. If a patient saves the phone number in their phone, the call will still go straight through to the office without any hiccups. Even if a patient has information or stationery with your phone number on it, it’s unlikely they’ll notice. In today’s climate of having phone numbers at our fingertips, people aren’t memorizing numbers anymore.

Let us give you the best dental website and dental marketing the industry has to offer and don’t worry about your number swapping. Instead, Pro Impressions will use call tracking to enhance your marketing and you can use call tracking to strengthen your in-office protocols. Feel free to contact your account manager with any questions, we are here to help you grow.

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