Depending on the type of business you own, you may lean on a VoIP phone company, your Internet service provider, or the equivalent of good ol’ “Ma Bell” with an ancient landline. Our dental clients frequently use a web-based phone system that ties into their practice management software. I don’t have a problem with that. However, these tech services companies have added marketing to their offerings, attempting to build themselves up as a one-stop shop for business development.

The problem is that, while they may be good at making sure calls come through to your front desk or pocket, they’re not good at making the phone ring with new business. What’s worse is that many business owners don’t know that these inexpensive marketing options are costing them an incalculable sum of money in new revenue. They need to stop using their phone company for their marketing and trust their website and online visibility to true marketing professionals.

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Is It Better Than Nothing?

Business owners with cheap or outdated websites tell themselves, “It’s better than nothing.” They continue to limp along, waiting for something to break their way that will grow their business to the point that they finally feel like they can justify investing in quality marketing. People often act that way about their teeth, only to realize that quality dentistry could have saved them a lot of money and teeth if they’d acted sooner. They are sabotaging themselves just like businesses that settle for an add-on website.

Marketing should not be an add-on service, and an inexpensive website is almost never better than nothing. Your website needs to inform people about what you do and how to contact you. Now, Google is perfectly capable of doing that thanks to Google My Business. What Google and other profiles struggle with is actually selling your business as the solution to the visitor’s problem. You need to convince people who go looking for a provider that they should choose you over your competitors. Your brand will not be respected with a cheap website.

Your website shows up on Google if people search for your name or your business’s name. It is often the first impression viewers have of your business, and if it looks cheap or outdated, you’re losing new business. People won’t even get as far as caring whether or not you can help them.

Leave It To The Experts

Remember the all-in-one VCR, DVD player, television combo sets that used to be hot items? What happened when one of those components busted? You pitched the entire set and, hopefully, learned your lesson. Invest your money in quality marketing that will get you a return. Hire an expert who will respect your brand, make you look like the pro you are, and differentiate you from the competition. Even if your market has little-to-no competition, blow that competition out of the water with a great website and marketing that pulls in people from surrounding areas rather than giving potential customers the subliminal message, “You might want to head to the next town over if you want the best…”

Let your phone company do what they do best: connect the calls that your quality marketing generates. Receive the most from the money you put into your website and marketing by trusting Pro Impressions Marketing. We are experts in web design and all things digital marketing, from social media management to SEO, PPC, and everything in between. Grow your business today with expert marketing by giving us a call at 970-672-1212 or scheduling a consultation online.