Google constantly changes things, so it’s understandable that many dental SEO marketing companies can’t keep up. Sometimes Google changes things only to roll it back a few months later. Still, there’s always some dental practice at Google’s #1 local SEO spot. How come you’re not there? Why aren’t you at least somewhere on the first page of the results when you search? Your dental SEO marketing may be struggling for one foundational reason: your marketing is trying to make you look like something you’re not.

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Clarity Closes Dentistry

More patients will say yes to the dentistry you provide if they understand the problems you solve and how you solve them. They want to know about you too, but even the information about you should really be about how you help them.

That message needs to be crystal clear from the moment they discover your practice. If your practice is trying to present itself as one thing and then patients experience the other, they won’t be happy.

Google doesn’t like this either. If your SEO says that you’re all about dental implants or you’re a TMJ expert, but then your website is littered with keywords about family dentistry, teeth whitening, and more, Google won’t see you as especially relevant for your most desired topic.

Sorry If I Offend You

I recently had a marketing consultation with a dentist who is truly a TMD and sleep expert. His website was loaded with page after page of detailed content that explained, in very clinical terms, what causes various symptoms of TMJ disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. There are other websites that do this, too: WebMD and Wikipedia. The difference is that I can go to this doctor’s office and get treatment for these problems. I can’t go to Wikipedia’s office for treatment. They are not providers.

side by side comparison of wikipedia and dental website

Which website is a dentist’s website? Which is Wikipedia?

I told the doctor, “Your website looks like a Wikipedia page–not a dental office.” I felt a little bad because it seemed to have struck a bit of a nerve. He signed up for a Pro Membership, though, and we are helping him launch a new website and dental SEO marketing campaign.

If your website looks more like Wikipedia or a plastic surgery office, or even a “drill’em and fill’em” website than what it really is, you’ve got confusion in your dental marketing.

Dental SEO can do one thing: clarify who you are, what you do, and how you can best help someone. If it’s misguided or if it’s only supporting a website that is fundamentally flawed, it’s doomed to fail, and your dental SEO agency will continue to struggle.

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About the Author

Jonathan Fashbaugh is a dental SEO and pay-per-click consultant, writer, and speaker with Pro Impressions Marketing. He has been working in marketing since 2000 and has been working in Internet marketing with dentists since 2004. He has written for Inside Dentistry, Dental Sleep Practice magazine, OrthoTribune, and other publications and is currently working on a dental marketing book.