If your dental office’s social media content isn’t performing as well as hoped, maybe it’s missing one crucial element—personalized posts. If you’re just constantly sharing dental-related information like infographics, this won’t help prospective patients get to know your team and feel more comfortable making an appointment. Find out all the reasons why your social media strategy should include personalized posts and how you can start including more with help from our dental marketing agency.

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What are Personalized Posts?

Personalized social media are posts that are relevant to your dental office and your dental office only. This content is original and is created by using photos and/or videos taken by your team.

Typically personalized posts can include:

  • Videos created by your office of your team, explaining procedures, having fun, etc.
  • Photos from behind the scenes, celebrating team members, in-office parties, team building events, volunteering, etc.
  • Announcements about accomplishments, office news
  • Pictures of patients with team members
  • Pictures of patient’s smiles that they’ve shared with you (or a repost of their pictures)

Benefits of Personalized Social Media Posts

So, is it worth all the time and effort it might take to create more personalized social media posts? You bet! Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy after including more personalized posts in your social media strategy.

They Generally Perform Better

One of the top reasons we encourage our clients to either create their own personalized content or send it to us to post is because these types of posts generally perform better. Although your other content contains very valuable dental information that patients will find helpful and typically lead to new patients, the engagement doesn’t compare to personalized posts.

People love to see their dentist and familiar office faces behind the camera. Personalized content creates more of an emotional effect on viewers in comparison to infographic-type content. As a result, it generates more engagement.

If your content hasn’t been producing the engagement you had hoped for, sprinkling in personalized posts between infographic posts can help drive engagement up for all types of posts. When people interact with your content, it tells the algorithms that they like your content and will therefore continue to show similar content.

They Make Your Dental Office More Unique

Is there a dental office in your area that loves to mimic your marketing strategies? They might be able to create similar infographics but there is no way they can steal personalized content from you. Personalized content is unique to your dental office and nobody can take that away.

When prospective patients come across your profile and see how unique your dental office is, they will feel more inclined to go with you than your competitors that only post generic infographic-like posts.

They Allow Prospective Patients to Get To Know You

When a prospective patient is considering your dental office, they will search for reasons to either not book an appointment or to book an appointment. If you share personalized content, it will help a patient get to know your dentists and team better. Do you ever feel like you know someone just based on following them on social media? Your dental office can offer the same effect.

By getting to know you better, a prospective patient’s trust for your dental office increases which makes them feel more comfortable. As a result, they are more likely to pick up the phone and book an appointment.

Patients Get To See Results From Other Patients

You don’t have to limit your content to just images and videos that you’ve taken in your office. Personalized content can also be pictures that patients have shared with you. For example, you can encourage patients to tag your office in their own posts showcasing their new smiles! Or, you can ask patients to send photos of their smiles for you to share.

Prospective patients will love seeing more real smiles on your feed. This strategy can also help increase a prospective patient’s trust in your dental office. If a patient loves their results so much that they give a shoutout to their dental office in a photo, that is a very promising sign to visit that dental office.

How to Include More Personalized Posts in Your Content Calendar

Now that you know how beneficial personalized content can be for your dental office’s social media, how do you get started? You can take three different routes.

  1. Post it Yourself – If you have the time to create and post your own personalized content, go for it!
  2. Upgrade Your Social Media Package – When you upgrade to a Premier or Pro social media package, you’re guaranteed one personalized post per week. This means you will need to make sure you take some time out of your week to take some images for us to create posts for you. Then we will schedule them out so you don’t have to lift a finger. Upgrading your social media package also offers lots of other amazing features like dedicated time for engagement, stories, and more.
  3. Buy a Post Bundle – If you don’t want to commit to regular personalized posts, we offer an alternative solution—a post bundle. Purchase 12 extra posts at once and then use them as you need them.

If you would like to learn more about our different social media packages, please visit our social media page and then contact us at (970) 672-1212 to sign up. If you already have a social media package and would like to learn more about post bundles, please contact your account manager for more information.