Woman checking social media on her computer while loving others posts on her phoneWhen you see the patient in the chair, you probably greet them when you first walk through the door. You get in agreement on what you’re doing, and then you probably get to work. From there, how much do you interact with the patient?

If you’re getting full marks from the patient, you:

  1. Make sure that they are comfortable
  2. Ask if they have any questions
  3. Explain what you’re doing at times
  4. Keep checking to make sure that they are comfortable
  5. Express empathy if they express any discomfort and try to alleviate it. (ex. “Oh, I know. This stuff tastes awful, doesn’t it? But it gets us the best result for your smile.”)
  6. Touch the patient on the shoulder or arm to form a physical connection.
  7. Share something about yourself that the patient may relate to or find interesting— especially if it pertains to something the patient shares.
  8. Avoid sharing scary or boring details about what you are doing in their mouth.

You’ll shine on social media if you take a similar approach!

  1. Put the patient’s needs and interests first.
  2. Keep them informed and ask them questions via dental post content.
  3. Stay in touch with them via regular posts (not sporadic posting).
  4. Use empathy in your posting to show that you understand people’s struggles with dental health.
  5. Engage with your patients when they comment on your posts and engage on their social profiles where possible and appropriate.
  6. Post personal content occasionally to show what you like to do. Patients love to see your face!
  7. Avoid scary or boring posts!

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