Have you ever looked at a website and didn’t find any helpful information on how they can help you? Or maybe you had to scroll through paragraphs about how their grandfather started the business 80 years ago, and now they’re carrying on the legacy? You likely left the site and went to another to find what you were looking for without regard or thought to what company does “it” better.

Your patients do the same thing.

If your patients can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll move on until they find a website that clearly communicates what that dental practice can do for them. In essence, your website isn’t about you. Your website is about your patients and how you can help them realize their dreams.

At Pro Impressions, we understand what motivates dental patients to buy services.

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What is Story-Based Marketing for Dentists?

Story-based for dentists is a dental website copywriting strategy that pulls prospective patients into your story. Like your favorite movie draws you in, you can do the same with your patients through compelling storytelling. You wouldn’t watch a movie without characters, a problem, or stakes, and your patients won’t waste time on a dental website without those elements either. Let’s define the parameters of your story:

Hero: Your story needs a hero. Someone who will overcome obstacles. If you were thinking, “Yeah, that’s easy, it’s me,” think again. The hero of the story is the patient. That’s who your website should be about.
Here is where defining your target audience becomes important.
Ex. Women over the age of 35 whose households make over $75,000 a year and are feeling self-conscious about the condition of their teeth and smile.
Problem: The patient has a problem they are trying to solve. Maybe they want to fix their smile, have jaw pain, or are experiencing sleep apnea symptoms. What services do you offer that fix their problems?
Ex. She doesn’t like her gummy smile or that her teeth are crooked.
Guide: Your patients have dental problems but don’t know how to fix them. That’s where you come in. You know how to fix their problems and can guide them through them. You guide patients through information about the services you offer.
Ex. You offer gum contouring, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and orthodontics. All of which can help her enhance her smile.
Call to action: Harry Potter didn’t start fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because he thought it was time. His friends called him to action by needing help. You’ll also need to call your patients to action with clear wording.
Ex. “Schedule an appointment to get the smile of your dreams.”
Bad Stakes: If Luke Skywalker didn’t fight Darth Vader, the galaxy would crumble into chaos. If your patients don’t seek treatment, their health will deteriorate, or their smiles will continue to cause them insecurities. Your website needs to remind your patients why they need you.
Ex. “Do you hide your smile in photos and avoid social gatherings because you feel self-conscious?”
Good Stakes: Luke Skywalker knew that he would save the galaxy if he succeeded. Likewise, your patients need to know that they’ll live without pain or smile with confidence when they seek treatment. Your website also needs to remind your patients what you can do for them.
Ex. “Choose XXX Dentistry, and we will help you have the confidence to smile in photos, laugh with friends, and maybe even pursue a career change or promotion.”

Story-based marketing for dentists makes your website and marketing about your patient and how you can help them solve their problems.

How Can Story-Based Marketing for Dentists Help You?

Story-based marketing for dentists helps you clarify your message, so prospective patients know what you’re all about and choose you as their guide. As soon as they click on your site, your homepage will tell patients

  1. You are an (insert type) dentist
  2. How your services will solve their problem
  3. How they’ll feel or look after treatment with you (and maybe how they’ll feel without)
  4. How to get treatment (Is your phone number clearly visible?)

Any other information can be secondary because patients who realize you can help them will spend time looking for that information. That’s why in-depth details on technology and how long your practice has been open are on secondary pages. Clear messaging will win new patients every time.

Work with a Story-Based Marketing Company to Get More New Patients

If you look through your dental website and notice that the elements of story for dentists are missing, you can work with us to clarify your message and get more patients.

Remember, just like you; patients will choose the practice with the clearest message—that’s why a good dental website is so important! Schedule a consultation with Pro Impressions Marketing today.