In all likelihood, the average dentist’s retirement plans just took a massive detour when the stock markets dropped to their lowest point since the 2008 recession. On top of that, you’re probably not even able to see patients right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve got to do something. It would probably be a mistake right now as a business owner to bury your head in the sand and not make a change in your marketing. You really have two choices.

Downgrade Your Marketing Strategy

Woman making a decision, weighing optionsAs a marketing company, you might expect us to be banging the drum that now is the time to spend big on marketing. That might be the right call, but let’s look at some fundamental truths of your situation. I heard author and business coach, Mike Michalowicz, say in a webinar yesterday, “Cashflow is oxygen for a business.” I believe that. If you have literally $0 coming in, and zero ability to make money right now, then you may need to downgrade your marketing to sort of a hibernation mode – at least compared to what you may have been doing.

Many dentists are making that exact decision: downshifting from an aggressive marketing plan, switching to Pro Impressions, and implementing our ProView Analytics dashboard.

Upgrade Your Marketing Instead

Handsome business man who seems intelligentWhile your competitors are downgrading, you can pull past them in online visibility by shifting your marketing into a higher gear. Online marketing is all about momentum and consistency.

When you downgrade your marketing, your consistency takes a hit. You stop adding new content. You post to social media less frequently. The raw number of times that people see your name goes down to zero. When that happens, getting back to full strength where you were when these unprecedented challenges hit will be hard.

So by upgrading, not only can this help fill your schedule when you open up, but it can help you pull in new patients at an even higher rate than when COVID-19 hit. While your competitors are rebuilding during the recovery, you’ll be dominating.

Whether or not you choose to go this route will just depend on your financial situation – if you have cash stores or perhaps are able to treat some patients still.

Why No Change Could Be a Bad Move

I’m a small business owner. My clients trust me as their marketing expert, and most of them have aggressive campaigns. When their competitors downgrade their marketing, in a way, it’s like my client has, in effect, upgraded their campaign by simply keeping things steady as she goes. But what if you’ve got a middle-of-the-road campaign that isn’t working or even a cheap marketing plan that was not bringing in new patients before the pandemic? Continuing to run those campaigns is an awful financial waste.

We talk with dentists all the time who are frustrated by the time and money that marketing takes. They know that they need new patients or their practice just will not grow. When we link up with them, they finally have access to the tools and expertise they were looking for and they are able to stop wasting their time and money. We’d like to do the same for you. Call (970) 672-1212 right now and we can talk about how we can work together. You can also request a consultation online.

How Should I Shift My Marketing Plan During COVID-19?

Not sure what you should do with your current marketing plan? Fill out our quiz and we will help guide you through different solutions to benefit your business the most during this time.