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A Few Extra Minutes of Thought and Discomfort Can Get You More New Patient Revenue

Most of us live the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple and Straightforward). We don’t have time to overthink things or take on another task. Even those of us who might admit to being occasional micromanagers eventually get to the point with any project that we just need a simple, easy, or fast solution so [...]

How to Get More Return from Your Investment in Dental CE in 2022 and Beyond

When dentists spend the time and money on a dental CE course, most would like to do more than satisfy their state’s requirements for their license. They would like to pick up some tips or tricks that will improve their practice, make their lives easier, and in general, get them a return on their [...]

What Dental Accountants Need to Know About Marketing

Dental accountants frequently become a dentist’s de facto business consultant. The dentist lays bare the practice finances and the dental accountant tells the dentist what to tweak to improve the practice’s financial health. The problem is, if the dental accountant doesn’t have a good grasp on how marketing works- specifically online advertising and

The Impact Your Dental Team Can Have On Your Marketing

Many offices have great teams. Others have killer marketing campaigns. When the two come together, they create an unstoppable force in practice growth. Here are some ways that your team can create more opportunities for large cases and a full pipeline of new patient appointments. Your Team is Invested in Getting Online Reviews Your [...]

3 Reasons Why Consultants Often Fail At Marketing For Dental Offices

Dentists often find the need to bring in a third party to help manage their practices. They look for an objective outside eye to help them solve problems in their practice. The consultants, eager to see some early results, roll up their sleeves and try to make some immediate changes that will help bolster [...]

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