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How to Get More New Dental Patients Online

Getting more new dental patients online is almost always doable. If your online marketing isn’t yielding new patient phone calls and emails in the quantity or quality that you want, and you’re wondering if more online visibility is possible, here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that make Pro Impressions Marketing so successful at [...]

Dental Marketing Tips for Hunting New Patient Leads Online

Dentists who truly want to grow their practices are constantly on the hunt for new patients, and in order to recover from the pandemic, dentists will have to employ some key online marketing principles for hunting down new patient leads online. They can be elusive.  Market Where the New Patients Are [...]

Why We’re Quitting Twitter

Effective marketing makes the most of every dollar spent. We know that our clients don’t want us to waste a dime of their marketing budgets, and that’s why we are saying “Farewell!” to one of the icons of social media: Twitter. The Upside of Quitting Twitter In their book, Freakonomics and corresponding podcast, [...]

How We’re Keeping Your Website Ahead of the Game

When hikers plan a thru-hike, the first thing they do when packing their backpack is to make it as light as possible. Why? If it’s too heavy it will slow them down; not to mention make the experience much more painful than it needs to be. The same is true with websites. The [...]

This Has Nothing to do with Marketing…Or Does It?

Last year, at our dental marketing agency, Pro Impressions headquarters, I discovered that you can replace the casters on your office chair with rollerblade wheels like these: I’m not here to sell you wheels. The above image is linked to Amazon, but it’s not an affiliate link and I don’t know the [...]

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