Events Dentists Should Attend in 2022

The world needs more dentists equipped to do more than what dental school taught them. We need TMJ rockstars and dentists who can identify potential sleep disorders and treat them. We need dentists who will build awareness about TMJ and sleep apnea and set themselves apart as leading experts. Be that dentist in your [...]

TMJ Marketing for Dentists who Rock

I am often asked, “How do I get more TMJ patients in my dental practice?” Or specifically, “How can I get more TMJ patients from my marketing?” The dentists who ask this are highly trained in treating TMJ disorder (temporomandibular joint), but they struggle when it comes to marketing TMJ. They don’t understand what [...]

Challenge: Complete Your Dental Office’s Online Patient Forms Using Your Phone

Your dental office has an opportunity to either impress or make a poor first impression if your new patient forms cause major inconveniences for mobile users. Take the new patient form challenge and attempt to complete your new patient forms using your phone. Go ahead and try it. Do they look like this? Oh, [...]

Unlocking the Secret of Dental Patient Search Behavior

Many dentists like to see content on their dental websites and blog posts that they'd like to read. Maybe it's the latest dental technology for measuring a patient's bite force or the intricate workings of how myofunctional therapy can reshape a patient's airway. While interesting to a dentist, it isn't what the typical patient [...]

4 Strategies Making Pro Impressions Successful

Dentists should not have to hop from one dental marketing company to another. They should be able to stay with the same marketing company for years, knowing that they are always getting the best service. At Pro Impressions, we’re on a mission to serve 100 dentists by 2025 because we believe that [...]

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