Get More Local Traffic from your Dental Blog in 2022

There is a right way and a wrong way to leverage your dental blog as part of your marketing strategy. You can get more local traffic from your dental blog in 2022 if you understand what matters to patients and to Google. Blog About What Matters to Patients Dentists should focus their blogging [...]

Why Is My Content Written ‘Like That’?

Sometimes dentists look at their content, and they see certain aspects of the text that they don’t like or just don’t understand. Content written for dentistry should always be written in a way that communicates authority and empathy, but depending on the intended use and audience of the content, it may be written differently. [...]

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A Few Extra Minutes of Thought and Discomfort Can Get You More New Patient Revenue

Most of us live the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple and Straightforward). We don’t have time to overthink things or take on another task. Even those of us who might admit to being occasional micromanagers eventually get to the point with any project that we just need a simple, easy, or fast solution so [...]

Content Marketing Trends to Watch For 2021

Unlike dentistry, marketing trends and strategies are constantly changing. As your dental marketing experts, we stay on top of the latest trends to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible. One area of marketing that saw constant change this year was content marketing. With 5 months left of the year, we felt it [...]

Should You Have a Blog on Your Website? Does it Help or Hurt Your Marketing?

Many dental websites have blogs on them but few dentists understand why and sometimes they can feel like a liability. Dentists rarely have the time to read everything that is posted to their website, much less to write posts themselves. And if a plan for writing, editing, and posting new content to the blog [...]

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