Dental Marketing

Is Website Content Worth Your Time?

And why I never want to build a website for my mother I was having lunch yesterday with my parents, a rare moment of hanging out without the wife and kids around. My father mentioned that he and my mom were going to drive out to California in their R.V. to get the roof [...]

Your Dental Digital Marketing Plan: Step 3 – Tools You Should Use

You decided what marketing metrics you were going to measure in Step 2 of creating your dental digital marketing plan. Before that, in Step 1, you set a goal that you would aim for with your marketing plan. In your quest to create a digital marketing plan for [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Marketing Strategy in January

With the rush of the holiday season finally over, you might now have some time to sit down and think about your dental practice’s marketing performance. After reviewing your overall year and the past several months, you might feel an instant urge to make a drastic change to your marketing strategy. This might include [...]

2021 Dental Marketing Trends to Watch

Marketing trends are continuously changing and if you don’t keep up with them, your dental practice can fall behind. At Pro Impressions Marketing Group, we’re always staying on top of the latest trends and incorporating them into our services for our clients. Before you keep doing the same old marketing strategy [...]

Your Dental Digital Marketing Plan: Step 2 – What Do You Measure?

Creating a digital marketing plan for your dental office is key to your success in marketing your practice online. Step 1 is to set a goal. You can think about your marketing campaign as a meeting with your team at your office. If you gather everyone together and open your mouth, [...]