Dental Marketing

5 Ways You Can Accidentally Sabotage Your Online Marketing

You own the keys to your marketing kingdom, but when you pass the keys along from company to company, you might sabotage your online marketing in the process. Your specialty is dentistry, not marketing, so how would you even know if your kingdom is being sabotaged? You likely wouldn’t. Until you see poor marketing [...]

Instagram in Dental Marketing Today

Social media marketing coupled with paid advertising on these platforms continues to dominate the bleeding edge of dental marketing. While Instagram itself is not a new platform, it is still the most popular platform in the social media space after Facebook and Youtube.  With nearly 90% of Instagram users following at least one business [...]

Dental Marketing Tips for Hunting New Patient Leads Online

Dentists who truly want to grow their practices are constantly on the hunt for new patients, and in order to recover from the pandemic, dentists will have to employ some key online marketing principles for hunting down new patient leads online. They can be elusive.  Market Where the New Patients Are [...]

Why We’re Quitting Twitter

Effective marketing makes the most of every dollar spent. We know that our clients don’t want us to waste a dime of their marketing budgets, and that’s why we are saying “Farewell!” to one of the icons of social media: Twitter. The Upside of Quitting Twitter In their book, Freakonomics and corresponding podcast, [...]