Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing

| April 16, 2024 |

Why (and How) Dentists Should Use Video In Their Marketing

You already know it; getting new patients isn’t easy! Businesses compete fiercely for their target audiences with different advertising messages online and offline. You don’t directly compete with every single business on the market (thankfully!), but you are among the many businesses that compete for people’s time and attention. While you’re looking to gain [...]

By |February 15th, 2024|Dental Marketing, Videos|
9 min read

2024’s Digital Marketing Trends for Dentists

As we navigate through 2024, the significance of digital marketing in the dental sector becomes increasingly apparent. With the landscape shifting towards more sophisticated and patient-centric approaches, dentists and dental marketing consultants are finding that traditional methods no longer suffice. The rise of longer video content, influencer collaborations, and advanced AI technologies are just [...]

Leverage Marketing Savvy in Launching a New Dental Service

If you’re launching a new service at your dental office, marketing can make it more successful and help you avoid wasting time and money. Confirm demand, get the word out about the launch as it approaches, equip your patients to spread the word, and keep a steady flow of patients coming in. Marketing can [...]

2024’s Top Growth Marketing Tips for Dentists

Growth marketing is where traditional marketing meets innovation and adaptability. For and build lasting relationships with patients, embracing growth marketing is essential. This holistic approach goes beyond attracting new patients; it focuses on engaging them at every touchpoint, from the first online interaction to post-treatment follow-ups. At Pro Impressions Marketing, we specialize [...]

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