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Speeding Up Your Website in 2022 & How You Can Help

In 2020, we explained how we are keeping our clients’ websites ahead of the game. We have not let up on that effort. We continue to innovate how our server and website development techniques keep our websites faster than the competition. Without these strategies, the user experience and Google’s value of your [...]

The Best Dental Website Features in 2022

Dentists rely on their websites for finding new patients. Even patient referrals often stop by the website to see what the dentist and the office are like, but more than that, they want to know if you understand them. They want to know if they like you and feel they can trust you. A [...]

Upcoming Dental Marketing Book Release – Get Notified!

We help dentists find new patients on the internet through the best marketing in the dental industry. We work with dentists all over the United States, Canada, and even Australia, but we know we’re not for every dental office. Even so, Jonathan’s career goal is to be a positive presence in the dental industry. [...]

Pro Impressions Marketing Introduces Pro Membership

For a long time, we only offered one membership package for our dental marketing services. It included almost every service a dentist could ever want: the website, updates, marketing, and even social media. The problem was that the needs of dentists changed. There was a greater demand for lower-cost services that still [...]

Advanced Dental Marketing: How to Build a Personal Brand in Dentistry

Building a personal brand—that is, a brand that promotes you as a dental professional rather than promoting your dental office—can be challenging and confusing. It uses similar techniques as dental practice marketing, but there are nuanced differences. Here’s a game plan for turning your name into a well-known dental brand. Step 1. Identify [...]

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