Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing

| December 01, 2022 |
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It’s Not Your SEO: Adaptive Capacity in Digital Marketing

Dear Potential SEO Client, I’d love to help you, and if you want to pay my company to reoptimize your website, we can do that, but it’s unlikely to help you. I hate to say this, but it’s not your SEO. That’s not the problem. Your website is like the proverbial camel. Straw after [...]

Advice on Dental Implant Marketing from Marketing Experts

We aren’t just marketing experts, we are {{{{link id='50001' text='dental marketing experts'}}}}, and we have some advice for you on how to “up” your dental implant marketing game to get more new dental implant patients.  Dental implants are a lucrative dental service to market because they provide a big return. Especially if you’re a [...]

6 Dental PPC Strategies for 2023

Have you started thinking about what your marketing strategies will look like for 2023? Savvy dentists know that having a plan is the number one piece of marketing advice! Beginning with a dental marketing plan helps busy dentists execute effective marketing with less effort. A plan also allows you to track your marketing and [...]

Recap! 2022 ICCMO Removing Roadblocks to New Patient Growth

Pro Impressions Marketing President and Founder Jonathan Fashbaugh lead a talk at ICCMO in 2022 on "Removing Roadblocks to New Patient Growth." You can get a recap of his lecture below. Jonathan speaks at dental events around the country, teaching dentists like you how to improve their marketing and get [...]

Why Your Dental SEO Agency May Be Struggling

Google constantly changes things, so it’s understandable that many dental SEO marketing companies can’t keep up. Sometimes Google changes things only to roll it back a few months later. Still, there’s always some dental practice at Google's #1 local SEO spot. How come you’re not there? Why aren’t you at least somewhere on the [...]

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