Dental Marketing

3 Reasons Why Consultants Often Fail At Marketing For Dental Offices

Dentists often find the need to bring in a third party to help manage their practices. They look for an objective outside eye to help them solve problems in their practice. The consultants, eager to see some early results, roll up their sleeves and try to make some immediate changes that will help bolster [...]

Why Cosmetic Dentists Need to Take Before and After Photos

As a cosmetic dentist, smile aesthetics mean more than anything to prospective patients. When you don’t have the before and after photos to show for it, how can a prospective patient trust you with their cosmetic dentistry needs? We regularly bring on new clients who want more cosmetic dentistry patients but don’t have any [...]

How Technical Expertise Can Help You Win in Dental Marketing Online

Occasionally, a dentist will ask us to promote their brand new website because their design company doesn’t offer marketing services. We conduct an analysis of their website and goals and have to be the bearer of bad news: this website is going to be a hindrance to any marketing campaign because it was built [...]

Your Complete Guide to Marketing Jargon

As full-time marketers, we sometimes forget that not all of our clients are as familiar with marketing terms as we are. You’re full-time dentists or dental professionals—there’s no reason why you should know what PPC or SEO means. To help you stay on the same page as us, we thought it might be helpful [...]

The Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make With Dental Marketing

Dentists are experts at one thing—being dentists. Although some dentists are also experts at marketing, the large majority would rather focus on what they know best and outsource marketing to a trusted dental marketing company. Whether they’ve outsourced their marketing or not, there are two huge mistakes dentists often make with their marketing. Fortunately, [...]