Why is Your Dental Marketing Failing to Blossom?

When I put together a marketing report for a prospective member dentist, it covers several criteria. It has to. I want the dentist to get good value for their time investment in speaking with me. A marketing report also has to analyze the various factors that can cause problems in a dental marketing plant- [...]

Events Dentists Should Attend in 2022

The world needs more dentists equipped to do more than what dental school taught them. We need TMJ rockstars and dentists who can identify potential sleep disorders and treat them. We need dentists who will build awareness about TMJ and sleep apnea and set themselves apart as leading experts. Be that dentist in your [...]

Tips for Improving New Patient Flow

No matter the marketing and dental advertising strategy and budget size, you are limited by the available pool of prospective patients and the frequency with which you run your ads. If you’re still feeling pinched for patients, you might take a step back and see if you could change your processes to [...]

Your Chairside Manner Shines on Social Media

When you see the patient in the chair, you probably greet them when you first walk through the door. You get in agreement on what you’re doing, and then you probably get to work. From there, how much do you interact with the patient? If you’re getting full marks from the patient, you: Make [...]

Update: Stop Hitting Yourself

I kept pecking away at writing our new {{{{link id='55278' text='dental marketing book'}}}} during February and March. I’ve written other books before, but never with such a strategic intent and known audience. I know that this book will help many dentists get to an ‘Aha!’ moment in their business and dental marketing strategy at [...]

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