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Use This SEO Hack to Improve Your Local Search Engine Ranking

Are you a dentist struggling to get your website to rank in your local area? Then this post is for you. Here’s a local SEO hack that will help your website rank higher when people perform searches like “dentist near me” or “dentist [insert city].” SEO Hack: Write some blogs that pertain only to [...]

Crash Course for Dentists: ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects those with disabilities from discrimination. For businesses, this means that all services and products have to be available to someone with a disability. Americans with disabilities have to be able to buy food at the grocery store, go to the movies, exercise at the gym, go [...]

Marketing During a Recession

Many economists and banks predict a recession in 2023, and most agree that if there is one, it’ll be a light one. Still, the thought of a recession can be scary for many business owners. Dentists wonder if there is to be a recession, what costs can they cut? Well, that’s not an easy [...]

Google’s Pay-Per-Click Changes May Affect your Dental Office

Pro Impressions Marketing is a dental internet marketing firm seeking to help dentists gain more new ideal patients. We know that dentists struggle to get the online visibility they deserve and don’t necessarily have the time to perform their own marketing, so we work with dentists worldwide to help them gain the online visibility [...]

Why SEO is Important for Dentists

You’ve likely heard it, “you need SEO in digital marketing.” We’ll be the first ones to tell you that it’s true. If you want to gain more new patients, you’ll need to have a working website that patients can find, even if they’ve never heard of you before. This is the main goal of [...]

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