Boost Your Dental Practice with Google Ads

If you’re a dentist looking for the best way to get your message in front of people where they’re paying attention, you’ve probably come across Google ads. Use this guide to understand the basics of Google ads, how they work, and why they’ll work for you. What is Google Ads? Google Ads is [...]

Can Dental Practices Remove Google Reviews?

When it comes to Google reviews, dental practices often wonder whether they can simply remove unfavorable comments. It's crucial to understand that while removing reviews that violate Google's guidelines is possible, not every negative review will meet these criteria. More importantly, focusing solely on removal might miss a valuable opportunity to enhance your practice's [...]

Expert Tip: Don’t Double Dip on Google Ads

Navigating Google Ads efficiently is critical for dental practices aiming to enhance their online presence and attract new patients. However, a common pitfall some fall into is attempting to manage multiple Google Ads accounts for the same business, often misconceived as a strategy to double visibility and effectiveness. This "double dipping" not only violates [...]

7 min read

How Google Evaluates Your Site + How We Can Help = Schedule A No Obligation Consult

What follows is a 216 point article listing how Google actually evaluates your website… Yeah, no. No one really knows all the ways Google evaluates your website with any certainty, and there will be even less certainty tomorrow…and the next day. Google constantly changes the parameters its algorithms (yes, plural algorithms) use to decide [...]

Solving Google Ads’ Most Common Problems

Navigating Google Ads complexities to achieve a successful campaign can often feel like steering a ship through uncharted waters. While offer a powerful platform for reaching potential patients, it's not without its challenges. From selecting the right keywords to crafting the perfect ad copy, each step is crucial in determining the success [...]

By |December 4th, 2023|Google|
10 min read

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