Google SGE Is Coming In Hot – Here’s How It Boils Over Into Online Dental Marketing

Since its revolutionary inception in 1998, Google's search engine has completely transformed how we acquire information. Information from over two and a half decades of the world is at your fingertips. (I personally remember when we had to write entire book reports by flipping through an entire set of hardcover encyclopedias. It truly was [...]

Dentists, Give Google Ads Another Chance

Dentists often approach Google Ads with trepidation and uncertainty. They're aware of its potential but aren't quite sure how to harness it. Often, they’ve tried the tactic before but felt like Google Ads let them down. The isn't a secret, though; it simply requires understanding, strategic planning, and diligent management. Schedule A [...]

2023 Review of the Best Dental Marketing Tools: Part II

Ad Tools Google Ads Google Ads is a powerful ad tool that can help dentists attract new patients and grow their practice. With Google Ads, dentists can create targeted ads that appear to potential patients when they search for keywords related to dental services. They can also target specific demographics and locations to ensure [...]

6 min read

AI and Machine Learning Coming in Clutch for Dentists Running Google Ads

AI is all the rage these days. From voice assistants to personalized shopping to the new chatbots, you can’t go anywhere without experiencing some kind of AI. This prospect may seem unnerving to some, but the benefits of AI in marketing are immeasurable! As a dentist, you can use the already built-in AI and machine [...]

Search Intent Reigns Supreme – Here’s How Your Use of SEO Can Make Your Practice Superior

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a desktop computer for a basic Internet search. We all carry the world in the palms of our hands – and in our pockets. All it takes is whipping out your smartphone and turning to old reliable: Google. Which leads us to ask, why not [...]

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