May 2020 Google Core Update: What You Need to Know

Over the past year, Google has started to make an official announcement when releasing some major algorithm updates. Although Google updates constantly, we never know quite what to expect. For instance, the last official “core” update Google made was at the beginning of January 2020. Google announced a core update on May 4th, 2020 [...]

Local Dental Office Impressions Matter More

My clients and I have something in common: we tend to focus on the end goal of new patients to their practice. For a long time, this was something that organic visibility did a great job of achieving. You built a great website, filled it with great content, and Google would almost do the [...]

Brand Recognition Wins The War: Google Loves a DSO

Solo practitioners without an established local marketing effort are in trouble. Dental service organizations (DSOs) are eating their lunch because they have a larger brand presence supported by a larger marketing effort than any individual office typically exerts on their market. They can obviously do this because they have a multitude of dentists who [...]

Warning: It’s Probably Not Google Calling

I’ve had numerous offices reach out to me saying, “Google called our office and said that our profile is out of date. I gave them your information.” I’m so glad that these offices responded this way. Beware: unscrupulous companies are calling dental offices and other businesses ({{{{link id='50001' text='including the Pro Impressions Marketing office'}}}}!) [...]

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