Another Core Update from Google in Late September

As part of Google’s dedication to being leaders in search, Google rolled out another algorithm update in late September. While other experts reported big changes in search engine results, our members did not see large changes (positive or negative) as in past algorithm updates, so it’s possible that, while this was a Core update, it [...]

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Another Core Update from Google in June (Now with Diversity!)

Google gave the SEO community a heads-up that an algorithm update was rolling out beginning on June 3, then announced another update, now called the Diversity Update, was rolling out beginning June 4. We say “rolling out” because Google never simultaneously updates all of its servers. The servers update periodically and then operate with [...]

Gmail Takes Compliance to New Level

Google announced that as of June 25, 2019, Gmail will, by default, turn on Gmail Confidential Mode (currently in Beta). Google describes Confidential Mode here , and in this document about how to Protect Gmail messages , but there are some key things you need to understand as a dental office, especially if you use Google as [...]

Speculation Following Google My Business Survey

To be clear from the start: no one really knows what Google is going to do unless Google comes right out and says what they are doing or until a change is rolled out and the marketing community is sent into a frenzied adjustment period. The news that broke this week was somewhere in [...]

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