Speculation Following Google My Business Survey

To be clear from the start: no one really knows what Google is going to do unless Google comes right out and says what they are doing or until a change is rolled out and the marketing community is sent into a frenzied adjustment period. The news that broke this week was somewhere in [...]

Change Still The Only Constant With Google

Google announce in late Spring that it would add an even larger focus on mobile speed to its ranking algorithm starting in early July. The search giant also recently confirmed a large "search quality update" to its algorithm on August 1. As part of this announcement, a Google spokesperson reiterated what they said via [...]

By |February 2nd, 2019|Google|

The Nail in the Review Gate Coffin

In November, I wrote about the shake-up that worried us and many dentists about what Google thought about BirdEye and other services like it. Was Google penalizing businesses for soliciting reviews via a third-party service? We now know that BirdEye has been in communication with Google and is doing [...]

Google Adwords and Mobile Users

Managing Google Ads campaigns for practices across the United States has allowed opportunities to test a variety of pay-per-click strategies and to uncover tactics that help us to convert more traffic into phone calls and emails. By pruning keywords and ad that would otherwise water down results and bring in garbage inquiries masquerading [...]

By |January 13th, 2017|Google|
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