Marketing Chairside

Welcome to Marketing Chairside! Marketing Chairside is a video interview series where President of Pro Impressions, Jonathan Fashbaugh, sits down with guests to discuss the latest topics in dental marketing. Watch our latest videos to stay ahead of the curve.

Should Dentists Have a Dental Blog? Experts Share Content Marketing Tips for Dentists

What is "content marketing"? Should you have a dental blog? Could your dental blog even be hurting your marketing rather than helping it? Today, #dentalmarketing​ experts, Jonathan Fashbaugh and Bob Weber talk about how a dentist can tell if their blog is worth it. Get tips on how you can look critically at [...]

How Dentists can Solve Problems in Their Social Media Marketing – Marketing Chairside

Inactive profiles, unprofessional-looking content, consistency and engagement- dental offices struggle with all of these social media problems on Facebook, Instagram, and other profiles. The #dentalmarketing​ team at Marketing Chairside covers it all in this episode~! Schedule a consultation to discuss your social media challenges and talk about package pricing. Transcript Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hello, [...]

The #1 Thing Costing You New Patient Revenue Is…

Today Jonathan Fashbaugh talks with Bill Fukui of MedShark Digital about the #1 thing that costs dentists money with their marketing. Here are some clues: it's not your website. It's not your ads. You have control over it and you pay for it every day your office is open for business. Transcript Jonathan [...]

Are You a Dentist Getting Started in Digital Marketing? You’re Not Alone :)

Dentists, front office professionals, and office managers are regularly called upon to make good decisions about dental digital marketing but don't know anything about them. At Pro Impressions, we think it should be easy to get the basic information you need as well as the advice and expertise of a professional. So today, [...]

How to Get More Reviews for Your Dental Office

In this episode of Marketing Chairside we speak to Shireen Firouzian of Firouzian Dentistry about online reviews and how to get more of them! If you are in need of dental marketing contact us today! Transcript Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hi, everybody. Welcome to Marketing Chairside by Pro Impressions Marketing group. We're having a [...]