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Welcome to Marketing Chairside! Marketing Chairside is a video interview series where President of Pro Impressions, Jonathan Fashbaugh, sits down with guests to discuss the latest topics in dental marketing. Watch our latest videos to stay ahead of the curve.

Get the Scoop on the ICCMO Sleep Panel Discussion

Register for The TMD & Sleep Conference Transcript of Episode: Dr. Pamela Marzban: Hello, and welcome to marketing chair side. I am so excited to be joined today with Dr. Pamela Marzban. Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hello everyone. Dr. Pamela Marzban: Hello, hello. Jonathan Fashbaugh: Oh, I'm great. Dr. Pamela Marzban: We are excited to [...]

Come to ICCMO’s Upcoming Dental Meeting in Louisville, October 2022

REGISTER FOR THE TMD & SLEEP CONFERENCE Transcript of Episode: Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hello, and welcome to a special episode of Marketing Chairside by Pro Impressions Marketing. Today I have a guest on with me. It's Tracy Abel from ICCMO, the International College of Cranio-mandibular Orthopedics. I'm always really [...]

How One Dentist Built a TMJ & Sleep Practice

Transcription of Episode Jonathan Fashbaugh: Should you open up a separate TMJ and sleep practice? We're going to talk to a guy who's done it before, right here on Marketing Chairside. Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hi, welcome to Marketing Chairside. And today, I'm joined again by Dr. Jeffrey Haddad. Dr. Jeffrey Haddad: I'll try to exceed [...]

Best Practices for TMJ and Sleep Dentists

Transcription of Episode Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hey, if you want to add more TMJ and sleep patients to your practice, I've got the guest that you need to hear from today. Hold on. Welcome to Marketing Chairside, and as I said, I've got an amazing guest on the show today. Dr. Jeffrey Haddad, how are [...]

Dentists Ask Dental SEO and Longtail Keywords

Transcription of Episode Maybe you're wondering about dental SEO and longtail keyword phrases. What's that? Well, we're going to address that today on this episode of Marketing Chairside. Welcome, I'm Jonathan Fashbaugh. And again, if you're a dentist and you're wondering about longtail keyword phrases, you've come to the right spot. This is a [...]

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