Welcome to Marketing Chairside! Marketing Chairside is a video interview series where President of Pro Impressions, Jonathan Fashbaugh, sits down with guests to discuss the latest topics in dental marketing. Watch our latest videos to stay ahead of the curve.

Changes in 2021, How Dentists Can Prepare for Social Media Marketing in 2022

Transcription of Episode Jonathan Fashbaugh:: A lot has changed in 2021 on social media, and you got to make a plan for 2022. That's what we're going to be talking about today on Marketing Chairside. You are a dentist trying to stay on top of things in terms of your marketing, and that's good, [...]

Hosting Breakdown – Registrar, DNS, Website, Email

Transcription of Episode Jared Lowry: What impact can hosting and server technology have on your online marketing? We're going to talk about that today on Marketing Chairside. Hello. Welcome to Marketing Chairside. My name's Jared Lowry, and I'm the director of account management here at Pro Impressions. And we're doing things a little bit [...]

Solving Problems in Dental Marketing with Video

Transcription of Episode Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hello, and welcome to Marketing Chairside. We are here to help you solve problems in your marketing. By the way, I'm Jonathan with Pro Impressions. Today I have with me, Adam from ShotbyAG. Did I say that right? Adam: You did, luckily. Thank you so much for having me [...]

How to Build a Lucrative Dental Practice and a Fantastic Retirement

Transcription of Episode Jonathan Fashbaugh: Welcome to marketing chairside by Pro Impressions marketing. If you've ever wanted to just take someone who knew everything you needed to know and be able to pick their brain or look under the hood of their practice or whatever analytical metaphor you want to [...]

The Many Abbreviations of Internet Marketing

In marketing we use many terms SEO, PPC, and may more, however we think it should be easy understand what these professionals mean when they refer to these terms. So today, Jonathan Fashbaugh and Jared Lowry at Pro Impressions Marketing (Pro Impressions Group) talk about the various terms and terminology that you [...]

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