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Your 2023 Dental Digital Marketing Guide: Step 3 – Tools You Should Use

You decided what marketing metrics you were going to measure in Step 2 of creating your dental digital marketing plan. Before that, in Step 1, you set a goal that you would aim for. In your quest to create a digital marketing plan for your dental office, you [...]

3 Reasons Why Your Dental Office Isn’t Attracting New Patients

1. You Don’t Answer The Phone All your marketing is to get patients to call you or schedule an appointment online. When we work with dentists, our primary goal is to get patients on the phone because we know that real, human communication is the best way to gain new patients. That’s why the [...]

Dental Office Noticed a Dip in Website Traffic?

In a perfect world, your dental website would never see dips in site traffic. But that’s just not how it works. The traffic to your website is affected by three significant factors: natural fluctuations, external factors, and Google’s never-ending algorithm updates. We see site traffic fluctuate predictably due to the time of [...]

Common Problems Dentists Have with Pay-Per-Click Continued…

Not understanding the value of repeat exposure It would be great if every time someone saw your ad, they clicked on it. And it would be even better if every person who clicked on your ad was your ideal patient and booked an appointment. Those ideas just aren’t realistic.  Different people use the internet [...]

Common Problems Dentists Have with Pay-Per-Click

When dentists look for help with pay-per-click, they usually fall into one of these categories: The Dental PPC Veteran - A dentist who types in ‘pay-per-click for dentists’ on Google because they have a campaign they’ve been running for a long time but think it could be better. Often these dentists invest heavily in [...]

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