Online Marketing

You’ve Got to Do Something

In all likelihood, the average dentist's retirement plans just took a massive detour when the stock markets dropped to their lowest point since the 2008 recession. On top of that, you’re probably not even able to see patients right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve got to do something. It would probably be [...]

The Rule of 20: Your Marketing Requires More Frequency to Be Effective

You might be wondering why you should continue marketing to your patients when you can’t see them. Although COVID-19 has interrupted our lives, it’s not here to stay. You should still continue your marketing efforts because you’re marketing to patients who will be able to see you presumably in a month or so. People [...]

Better Results Through More, Fresh, Continuously Posted Photos

A new article posted on Search Engine Land by the president of Bright Local, an online business listing management company, reveals the results of a sizable study they conducted. After analyzing 15,191 Google My Business listings with over 580,000 images, they found a strong correlation between listings that had more images and improved performance [...]

When Opportunity Calls

Interested in what's next? What's new? Want to know how to get more new patients? We've worked hard together to generate the best results we can, and you trust us to be proactive in pursuing all avenues of growth for online marketing. I appreciate that. I want to share something with you that all [...]

Intelligent Website Design, Updates Intelligent Website Design, Updates

Promotion of websites is what we do. Afterall, if you have a gorgeous website and nobody can find it, then it's a waste, right? But what happens after a visitor gets to the website is equally important. A website has to be eye catching and engaging, but those are pretty subjective concepts. I'm an [...]