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What On-Going Work is Necessary for Successful Dental Marketing?

When the launch of a campaign happens, it can be easy for a dentist to feel a little bit in the dark about what happens on an ongoing basis. You launch a website and the patients just start rolling in, right? Not quite. There’s a lot of on-going work required to achieve visibility and [...]

Is Website Content Worth Your Time?

...And why I never want to build a website for my mother I was having lunch yesterday with my parents, a rare moment of hanging out without the wife and kids around. My father mentioned that he and my mom were going to drive out to California in their R.V. to get the roof [...]

Your Dental Digital Marketing Plan: Step 3 – Tools You Should Use

You decided what marketing metrics you were going to measure in Step 2 of creating your dental digital marketing plan. Before that, in Step 1, you set a goal that you would aim for with your marketing plan. In your quest to create a digital marketing plan for [...]

12 Video Topic Ideas For Dentists

If you’re not posting videos on your social media profiles, you’re missing out. Not only do videos perform better, but consumers also find them more transparent than photos. Nearly 87% of marketers use video content as part of their strategy and for a good reason. For one, 72% of customers would rather learn about [...]

5 Ways You Can Accidentally Sabotage Your Online Marketing

You own the keys to your marketing kingdom, but when you pass the keys along from company to company, you might sabotage your online marketing in the process. Your specialty is dentistry, not marketing, so how would you even know if your kingdom is being sabotaged? You likely wouldn’t. Until you see poor marketing [...]

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