Can I Remove a Google Review?

The short answer is “yes.” You can have a Google review removed. However, not just any review. The review has to meet Google’s guidelines for a fake one. If it doesn’t, the review stays. This includes reviews that may not necessarily be “fair” or negative from the patient’s point of view. Because fake reviews [...]

How Can I Improve My Local Google Rankings for Dental Searches?

This is the question on dentists' minds all over the world. Even our clients who are at the top of the Google search rankings for their most desired keyword searches are always interested in added exposure. Do These 5 Things Now to Improve Your Local Google Ranking for Dental Searches Get reviews all [...]

How Should Dentists Respond to Negative Reviews?

You bust your hump every day to have an award-worthy dental practice and spend significant funds to market it online. You’re even going out of your way to get more reviews for your dental practice. Then what happens? With a few keystrokes, an online troll dumps a devastating negative review on one [...]

The Nail in the Review Gate Coffin

In November, I wrote about the shake-up that worried us and many dentists about what Google thought about BirdEye and other services like it. Was Google penalizing businesses for soliciting reviews via a third-party service? We now know that BirdEye has been in communication with Google and is doing [...]

How to Win at Social and Reviews in Two Words

Search engine optimization is really difficult because it’s so enigmatic and the rules keep changing. Social media and reviews are heading down that road but we’re not quite there yet. Sure, Facebook has continued to monetize their service so much that you almost have [...]

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