COVID-19’s Impact on Dental Search Traffic in 2022

There was a 98% increase in people making COVID-related searches on Google last month. We knew that something was off as early as the first week in January. Since the holidays were gone, when the first Monday and Tuesday following the New Year arrived, we anticipated a spike in traffic. They didn’t blow the [...]

Unlocking the Secret of Dental Patient Search Behavior

Many dentists like to see content on their dental websites and blog posts that they'd like to read. Maybe it's the latest dental technology for measuring a patient's bite force or the intricate workings of how myofunctional therapy can reshape a patient's airway. While interesting to a dentist, it isn't what the typical patient [...]

Pro Tips: Google Ads for Dental Implants

Our typical client would love to increase the number of dental implant patients that they see each month. If that describes you, you can increase your chances of running a successful Google Ads dental implants campaign by keeping in mind the following pro tips. These tips will help you win the battle for these [...]

What On-Going Work is Necessary for Successful Dental Marketing?

When the launch of a campaign happens, it can be easy for a dentist to feel a little bit in the dark about what happens on an ongoing basis. You launch a website and the patients just start rolling in, right? Not quite. There’s a lot of on-going work required to achieve visibility and [...]

How to Get More New Dental Patients Online

Getting more new dental patients online is almost always doable. If your online marketing isn’t yielding new patient phone calls and emails in the quantity or quality that you want, and you’re wondering if more online visibility is possible, here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that make Pro Impressions Marketing so successful at [...]

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