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AI and Machine Learning Coming in Clutch for Dentists Running Google Ads

AI is all the rage these days. From voice assistants to personalized shopping to the new chatbots, you can’t go anywhere without experiencing some kind of AI. This prospect may seem unnerving to some, but the benefits of AI in marketing are immeasurable! As a dentist, you can use the already built-in AI and machine [...]

Online Marketing Ideas for Dentists to Gain More New Patients

As marketing professionals, we understand the importance of having a strong online presence to attract and retain patients. Your ability to retain and gain new patients is the lifeline of your practice. Even still, we know that not every single patient who needs dentistry is the patient for you. Many of the dentists we [...]

Search Intent Reigns Supreme – Here’s How Your Use of SEO Can Make Your Practice Superior

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a desktop computer for a basic Internet search. We all carry the world in the palms of our hands – and in our pockets. All it takes is whipping out your smartphone and turning to old reliable: Google. Which leads us to ask, why not [...]

Local SEO Tip: Manage Your Online Listings

We’ve been talking a lot about local SEO for dentists this quarter. We’ve talked about {{{{link id='61471' text='local content'}}}}, {{{{link id='61452' text='content ideas'}}}}, {{{{link id='61491' text='Apple Maps vs. Google Maps'}}}}, organic search vs. paid search, {{{{link id='61438' text='how to show up on Google Maps'}}}}, and what local SEO is. We’ve even talked about {{{{link [...]

Want to Meet the Mark with Local SEO? Here’s the Type of Content You Should Post

As content curators and digital marketers, we understand SEO's importance to any business. It’s essentially why you landed here – on this blog. You want to improve your SEO score in some way. So how do you start making a big impact on huge search engines like Google? It’s time to start thinking locally. [...]

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