Make or Break Strategies for Facebook Ads for Dentists

These three types of dentists are killing it with Facebook Ads. If you can’t see yourself in this list, you’re probably making a good decision by minimizing your investment in Facebook Ads for your dental practice. On the other hand, these work great for dentists like these, so if you see yourself in this [...]

Dental Patients Search for These Key Services More than Others

In November of 2022, we surpassed 8 billion people alive worldwide–8 billion human mouths on planet earth! Of course, only some of those 8 billion people are searching for a dentist, but it illustrates how many people could be searching for a dentist. Whether you practice in a big city or a small town, people [...]

Google’s Pay-Per-Click Changes May Affect your Dental Office

Pro Impressions Marketing is a dental internet marketing firm seeking to help dentists gain more new ideal patients. We know that dentists struggle to get the online visibility they deserve and don’t necessarily have the time to perform their own marketing, so we work with dentists worldwide to help them gain the online visibility [...]

Why Pay-Per-Click is Important for Dentists

“Do dentists really need pay-per-click advertising?” “We get most of our patients from referrals.” These are two phrases we hear a lot. If you’re looking for an opinion from dental marketing experts, here’s our view.  Yes, dentists really do need pay-per-click advertising.  It’s wonderful that you get many patients from referrals. We hope you [...]

6 Dental PPC Strategies for 2023

Have you started thinking about what your marketing strategies will look like for 2023? Savvy dentists know that having a plan is the number one piece of marketing advice! Beginning with a dental marketing plan helps busy dentists execute effective marketing with less effort. A plan also allows you to track your marketing and [...]

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