How Dental SEO Differs from Pay-Per-Click for Dentists

“What is the difference between SEO and pay-per-click?” “Should I invest in PPC or search engine optimization?” We answer these dental marketing questions and others in this article to help dentists make good decisions about how they market their dental practices. Schedule a Consult What [...]

Common Problems Dentists Have with Pay-Per-Click Continued…

Not understanding the value of repeat exposure It would be great if every time someone saw your ad, they clicked on it. And it would be even better if every person who clicked on your ad was your ideal patient and booked an appointment. Those ideas just aren’t realistic.  Different people use the internet [...]

Common Problems Dentists Have with Pay-Per-Click

When dentists look for help with pay-per-click, they usually fall into one of these categories: The Dental PPC Veteran - A dentist who types in ‘pay-per-click for dentists’ on Google because they have a campaign they’ve been running for a long time but think it could be better. Often these dentists invest heavily in [...]

How to Set A Dental Google Ads Budget

Every industry is different. The way a dentist markets to potential patients is different from how Coca-Cola advertises to their customers and different from marketing for real estate. It might seem easy to look online and find ‘marketing best practices for any business,’ but you’re not just any business. You are a dental office, [...]

By |April 25th, 2022|PPC|

Winning Dentists Understand This About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has the potential to bring explosive growth to almost any dental practice. The problem is that many dentists don’t understand some critical aspects of the ad medium that make it great. They end up steering clear of PPC altogether or give it a brief, ill-conceived try and then bail. They’re missing out! [...]

By |December 28th, 2021|PPC|
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