How to Get More New Dental Patients Online

Getting more new dental patients online is almost always doable. If your online marketing isn’t yielding new patient phone calls and emails in the quantity or quality that you want, and you’re wondering if more online visibility is possible, here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that make Pro Impressions Marketing so successful at [...]

How Much Should Dentists Spend on Pay-Per-Click?

Investing in marketing is a lot like buying a house, unless you’re a marketer, or real estate agent, you might not understand what goes into the pricing. For real estate, it’s pretty simple. The home value is based on square footage, neighborhood, specific features, and other property values in the neighborhood. On the flip [...]

By |October 21st, 2020|PPC|

Debunking Pay-Per-Click Questions for Dentists

Over the years, I’ve occasionally talked with dentists who share some commonly held beliefs about pay-per-click advertising that have kept them from launching Google Ads and other paid search strategies. They’ve had bad experiences with ads and are worried that, if they try Google Ads again, it’ll be a big waste [...]

By |October 20th, 2020|PPC|

Why You Need PPC Advertising During a COVID-19 Resurgence

Once lockdowns were lifted, a number of states began to see a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Experts predict that fall will bring a COVID-19 resurgence or a second wave. It also doesn’t help that the World Health Organization recently urged people to avoid the dentist after deeming it unsafe even though not one single [...]

Local Dental Office Impressions Matter More

My clients and I have something in common: we tend to focus on the end goal of new patients to their practice. For a long time, this was something that organic visibility did a great job of achieving. You built a great website, filled it with great content, and Google would almost do the [...]

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