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Google’s Ideal Dentist VS the Fee-For-Service Dental Office

What if Google thinks you’re not the best choice for prospective patients? That’s the message they are sending if you’re not showing up high on the first page of results for a Google search. Why is that? What is Google’s problem with your practice? The truth is complicated because Google’s decision-making algorithm is complex [...]

How to Get More New Dental Patients Online

Getting more new dental patients online is almost always doable. If your online marketing isn’t yielding new patient phone calls and emails in the quantity or quality that you want, and you’re wondering if more online visibility is possible, here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that make Pro Impressions Marketing so successful at [...]

2 Years Since Google’s Medic Update: Where Are We Now?

On August 1, 2018, Google released a new algorithm update that SEO guru, Barry Schwartz coined the “Medic Update”. It's called the Medic Update because it targeted medical, health, fitness, and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites. The Medic Update had a huge impact on dental websites that caused many to lose significant rankings. [...]

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