Want to Meet the Mark with Local SEO? Here’s the Type of Content You Should Post

As content curators and digital marketers, we understand SEO's importance to any business. It’s essentially why you landed here – on this blog. You want to improve your SEO score in some way. So how do you start making a big impact on huge search engines like Google? It’s time to start thinking locally. [...]

SEO Tricks For Dentists

Transcript of Episode: Speaker 1: Welcome to the Marketing Chairside Podcast by Pro Impressions Marketing, where the team covers a variety of dental marketing ideas to help you attract more new patients in the quantity and quality you need to grow your practice. Jonathan Fashbaugh: Hello and welcome to [...]

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The Profound Benefits of Organic Search on Your Dental Practice

Organic search results are defined as unpaid listings that show up on the results page when you type something into a search engine. Organic search results differ from pay-per-click advertisements as they can’t be bought – they solely rely on SEO best practices, such as {{{{link id='58637' text='local SEO for dentists' esc_html='false'}}}}. Taking advantage [...]

What’s Local SEO for Dentists?

“SEO” stands for {{{{link id='50501' text='search engine optimization'}}}}. It’s the act of optimizing your website for organic search. Local SEO is the same, except it’s optimizing your website for local organic searches. Here are a few easy examples of {{{{link id='58650' text='local organic search'}}}} inquiries: • Cosmetic dentist near me • TMJ treatment [...]

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Dental Patients Search for These Key Services More than Others

In November of 2022, we surpassed 8 billion people alive worldwide–8 billion human mouths on planet earth! Of course, only some of those 8 billion people are searching for a dentist, but it illustrates how many people could be searching for a dentist. Whether you practice in a big city or a small town, [...]

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