Your Chairside Manner Shines on Social Media

When you see the patient in the chair, you probably greet them when you first walk through the door. You get in agreement on what you’re doing, and then you probably get to work. From there, how much do you interact with the patient? If you’re getting full marks from the patient, you: Make [...]

Don’t Hire Your Kids for Your Dental Social Media Management

Your prospective patients need to find you, and your team needs your schedule jumping! Social media marketing helps increase your visibility if it’s managed well, but hopefully, you’re too busy and too smart to do it yourself. If you’re considering some social media marketing nepotism to solve that problem, here are some things to [...]

Free 30 Minute Dental Social Media Marketing Course

We help dental offices market their practices on social media every day, but we know we’re not for every office. Even so, we want to help you succeed in hopes that we might someday be able to work more closely together. That’s why we created this free 30 Minute Dental Social Media [...]

Dental Marketing Strategies for 2022

Anyone who works in marketing will tell you that trends are constantly changing. What worked a year ago may not work tomorrow. Part of this is that the top search engines and social media platforms like Google and Facebook are changing up their game due to privacy promises and issues. The other half of [...]

Advanced Dental Marketing: How to Build a Personal Brand in Dentistry

Building a personal brand—that is, a brand that promotes you as a dental professional rather than promoting your dental office—can be challenging and confusing. It uses similar techniques as dental practice marketing, but there are nuanced differences. Here’s a game plan for turning your name into a well-known dental brand. Step 1. Identify [...]

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