Social Media

Instagram in Dental Marketing Today

Social media marketing coupled with paid advertising on these platforms continues to dominate the bleeding edge of dental marketing. While Instagram itself is not a new platform, it is still the most popular platform in the social media space after Facebook and Youtube.  With nearly 90% of Instagram users following at least one business [...]

Why We’re Quitting Twitter

Effective marketing makes the most of every dollar spent. We know that our clients don’t want us to waste a dime of their marketing budgets, and that’s why we are saying “Farewell!” to one of the icons of social media: Twitter. The Upside of Quitting Twitter In their book, Freakonomics and corresponding podcast, [...]

What Should My Dental Office Post on Social Media?

One of the positive sides of having a less busy dental office is having the time to focus on other aspects of your business like marketing. Believe it or not, but not very many dentists have an active presence on social media sites like Facebook and {{{{link id='50285' text='Instagram'}}}}. It seems most dentists aren’t [...]