Social Media

How to #staysocial in April

With COVID-19 keeping everyone stuck at home, now is a better time than ever to stay social on your social media pages. More and more people are spending time on social media so it’s important to keep your dental practice on your follower’s newsfeeds. To help you generate posts, here are 4 ideas [...]

What to Expect from a Facebook Ad Campaign

There are pros and cons to Facebook Ads and the companies that offer them. You need to be informed beyond the hype that has been broadcast ad nauseam by social media marketing companies for a few years now. They are still new and exciting. The question is: are they right for your office’s marketing [...]

Instagram in Dental Marketing Today

Social media marketing coupled with paid advertising on these platforms continues to dominate the bleeding edge of dental marketing. While Instagram itself is not a new platform, it is still the most popular platform in the social media space after YouTube and Facebook. Instagram for business really only launched last Fall as the company, [...]