7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Package

Do you already have social media management as part of your Pro Impressions marketing package? If you do, you might not know that you can upgrade your dental social media marketing package. We recently introduced two new packages current members can upgrade to if they would like to achieve more results [...]

6 Reasons Why Dentists Should Avoid Automated Social Media Services

If you Google “social media for dentists”, a wide range of results will appear. You will see a number of results. For one, dental marketing agencies selling social media marketing. Next, post ideas or pre-made posts and captions you can use. Lastly, services that auto-post content for you. This auto-posting service [...]

#StaySocial for National Wine Day

Wine Not? May 25 is National Wine Day so let's get social with some wine talk! Post Ideas Let followers know about any teeth whitening discounts you're offering Share how to minimize teeth stains when drinking wine Explain why wine stains teeth Discuss wine alternatives Illustrate how you can help patients with wine stains Teach [...]

Why Dentists Shouldn’t Join Instagram Engagement Pods

About three years ago, frustrated business owners thought they finally found a way to hack the social media algorithms. After realizing that platforms like Facebook and Instagram favor posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.), people thought the key to beating the algorithm was by creating Instagram engagement pods of people to [...]

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