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5 Things Every Dentist Should Know for Successful Social Media Marketing

1.960 billion people use Facebook each day. Of course, not all of those people are potential patients. But with a number like that, you know that people in your area of the right age and means to pay for cosmetic, sleep, or neuromuscular dentistry are using Facebook. What about the other social media platforms? [...]

By |July 20th, 2022|Social Media|
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10 Dental Marketing Best Practices: Part I

You started your dental practice to help people live better through healthier bodies, teeth, and more confident smiles. Maybe your dental practice is focused on cosmetic and restorative dentistry, or perhaps you’re more focused on wellness through sleep and neuromuscular dentistry. Either way, dental marketing lets your patients know how you’ll help them reach [...]

Your Chairside Manner Shines on Social Media

When you see the patient in the chair, you probably greet them when you first walk through the door. You get in agreement on what you’re doing, and then you probably get to work. From there, how much do you interact with the patient? If you’re getting full marks from the patient, you: Make [...]

Don’t Hire Your Kids for Your Dental Social Media Management

Your prospective patients need to find you, and your team needs your schedule jumping! Social media marketing helps increase your visibility if it’s managed well, but hopefully, you’re too busy and too smart to do it yourself. If you’re considering some social media marketing nepotism to solve that problem, here are some things to [...]

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