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6 Reasons Why Dentists Should Avoid Automated Social Media Services

If you Google “social media for dentists”, a wide range of results will appear. You will see a number of results. For one, dental marketing agencies selling social media marketing. Next, post ideas or pre-made posts and captions you can use. Lastly, services that auto-post content for you. This auto-posting service [...]

Why Dentists Shouldn’t Join Instagram Engagement Pods

About three years ago, frustrated business owners thought they finally found a way to hack the social media algorithms. After realizing that platforms like Facebook and Instagram favor posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.), people thought the key to beating the algorithm was by creating Instagram engagement pods of people to [...]

How Your Office Can Benefit From Social Media Management For Dentists

Have you ever said that this is the year you take your social media to the next level and then it ends up like all New Year’s weight loss programs—you’re consistent for a few weeks but then you start to get busy and it comes to a halt? Inconsistency is one of the biggest [...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Efforts on Facebook and Instagram Are Failing

Since social media marketing became a thing, dentists have wrestled with how to make it work for them. Unfortunately, it can feel like an exercise in futility as their efforts leave them face down in the mud, again and again, going nowhere fast. It’s frustrating and wrong. These are amazing offices with amazing people [...]

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