#StaySocial for National Smile Month

A Month Of Smiles It's National Smile Month in the UK, so why not join them and celebrate? Post Ideas Share what makes your team and patients smile Show patients and employees doing things that make them smile Explain the health benefits of smiling Discuss why it's important to love your smile Post before and [...]

#StaySocial for National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Migraines And Headaches, Oh My! We hope your team enjoyed Memorial Day weekend and are ready for June! June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, so our TMJ and sleep dentists have plenty of educational posts to share. Post Ideas Show how your team celebrated Memorial Day Explain how TMJ or sleep apnea can [...]

#StaySocial for National Wine Day

Wine Not? May 25 is National Wine Day so let's get social with some wine talk! Post Ideas Let followers know about any teeth whitening discounts you're offering Share how to minimize teeth stains when drinking wine Explain why wine stains teeth Discuss wine alternatives Illustrate how you can help patients with wine stains Teach [...]

How to #StaySocial in April 2021

Spring is in full swing and we have lots of great social media post ideas for dentists to share this month! Use these post ideas every week to generate lots of educational and enjoyable social media content for your current and prospective patients. Week 1: Share Photos From Easter, World Health Day (4/7), National Pet [...]