Does This Belong On Your Website?

If you don’t want to blog about something or share on social media, you need to ask yourself if it belongs on your website. Visitors to your website, including Google’s Bot, want to know what your practice is all about. If something doesn’t merit mention in your blog occasionally, and you don’t [...]

Should Dentists Buy a “Best Of” Town Listing?

Various websites and local magazines offer “Best Of” listings, usually with a fee attached. Sometimes they involve voting, but often they are essentially an accolade for sale. Should dentists buy these listings? It depends on a few considerations, but the short answer is: Yes, usually they help more than they hurt. We’ll dive in [...]

Speeding Up Your Website in 2022 & How You Can Help

In 2020, we explained how we are keeping our clients’ websites ahead of the game. We have not let up on that effort. We continue to innovate how our server and website development techniques keep our websites faster than the competition. Without these strategies, the user experience and Google’s value of your [...]

The Best Dental Website Features in 2022

Dentists rely on their websites for finding new patients. Even patient referrals often stop by the website to see what the dentist and the office are like, but more than that, they want to know if you understand them. They want to know if they like you and feel they can trust you. A [...]

Is Stock Photography Bad for Dental SEO?

When dentists build a website for their practice, they are faced with the question of whether or not they should use stock photography. They wonder if they should instead invest in a photoshoot to try to create some nice photos of their own. That adds strain to the already stretched marketing budget [...]

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